San Siro, what will happen to the old Scala del Calcio?

San Siro, what will happen to the old Scala del Calcio?

Inter and Milan chose the Populous project, but in the press release they did not refer to the current system: this is what could happen

The official arrived less than 24 hours but questions about what will be in the area San Siro Stadium, a MilanThey chase each other quickly. And not only when it comes to the new factory project approved by Inter e Milan, this is that ‘cathedral’ studio concept densely populated. But also for the future Giuseppe Meazza “Old” Stadium, which – which football ladder Which, in the intentions of the two Milan clubs, will represent the past.

Vecchio San Siro, the demolition (if any) will not be complete

As defined by the two major football clubs MilanThe decision came after The municipality’s decision last November 5, which confirms the manifestation of the public interest. Which, among other things, provides one Reshape the area on which the stadium stands.

In the text of the statement from Inter Milan and AC Milan, The word demolish is not used. We’re talking exclusively about what will be, not what is now. But according to the hypotheses leaked over the old months, there is a difference It will remain in place until at least the 2026 Winter Olympics. Among other things, when we celebrate the centenary of the factory that saw the birth, growth and success of some of football’s greatest champions.

It is a stadium that, in addition to local football, and also hosted others Historic sporting events (such as the 2009 rugby match between Italy and New Zealand, which brought 80,000 spectators to the stands), as well as Concerts by prominent artists internationally.

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After 2026, the idea that made its way the most is about Partial demolition of the old factory. Therefore, parts of the existing stadium must be used to create the new stadium A neighborhood dedicated to sports and leisure Promised by Populous. And the municipality wanted to relaunch San Siro district.

nostalgia rogue (?)

Whatever he will appear, the only sure thing is that he is one of the symbols of the city of Milan He will change his face. Except, of course, the setbacks which, however, would have a really exciting effect. Of course, then, there is no shortage of diatribe between “Progressives” Which “Nostalgia”. To support the new project, there are those who, for example, cite i Modern English stadiums (Some are designed by Populous, like the one before Wembley Or a new stadium Tottenham) exemplifies competence and is able not to make tradition regret.

On the other hand, there are still those who hope that the current station will survive, and fear that the demolition, whether in whole or in part, will lead to Turn off the memories of a hundred years of emotions. However, if the English example teaches us anything, it does not mean that even the most ardent supporters of the ancient Meazza could not change their minds. Although it is too early to judge, whether one faction or another is supported.

Former Deputy Mayor Kurbani: ‘A plea to tar against the decision’

Among the “nostalgia” there is also Luigi Corbani, former deputy mayor of Milan. Willing to fight the battle through the commitment of the Commission ‘Yes Half ‘And represented by himself. We use the tar, as well as a complaint to Audit Bureau – announced -. Let’s move forward with all our initiatives. hope to be Milan municipality Review your position and withdraw the decision..

A negotiating table opens and we are ready to present it suggestions and do suggestions – Kurbani added -. Someone also says to take over management Mezza? Possible, we find suitable interlocutors. We are ready to solve the problem while preserving the old stadium.”

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