The Israeli experience has proven that fish have a sense of space

The Israeli experience has proven that fish have a sense of space

In Israel, a scientific experiment has demonstrated, through supporting videos, that a goldfish can develop and demonstrate its sense of movement in space by experimenting with its jar. The discovery says a lot about the mechanism of evolution.

The case against the fish—gold in particular—is heavy on the stupid lawsuit that is regularly brought against him. Without memory, he would especially not be able to realize that he was constantly making the same trips, at the bottom of the same jar.

However, scientific videos have just changed the situation, giving new meaning to the expression of experimental fish. We see a goldfish in an aquarium on wheels that move … However, there is no remote control, it is the animal that drives.

in a specific sense

This is the result of an experiment conducted by four Israeli neuroscientists fromBen-Gurion University of the Negev. Their idea: to determine whether the fish are aware of the space in which they are located, and whether they are able to orient and move in a certain direction.

The device is as follows: Radar tops the device and interacts with the light. Beneath it, a computer with a camera, all perched on the same jar. Then the fish moves in the aquarium and its movement, revealed by these appendages, causes the movement of the whole.

proven method

For the learning phase, we relied on a proven method, by placing the arsenal in a room where a red line spreads out on the wall. With every paragraph in this, the goldfish was rewarded with food. The system enabled him to shorten the course he completed from half an hour at the start to sixty seconds.

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Shachar Jevon, a Ben-Gurion University neuroscientist who herself took part in the experiment, explained: “First of all, the fact that this fish can perform the process in water and on land teaches us that all fish have the same movement and orientation abilities. These abilities were born a long time ago. , even before the birth and evolution of different species.

It is in fact one of the lineages of evolution that paints these works according to the expert, who concluded: “And since the fish get there, the rodents get there and so do we. We are able to adapt to any environment. So it is really amazing to see.”

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