Emmanuel Macron and the camp of reason when it suits him - Tahrir

Emmanuel Macron and the camp of reason when it suits him – Tahrir

“Historical” facts

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“Historical” factsa file

Having linked the diatribes with a series of diatribes against the “university world”, the head of state, under the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union, claims that he wants to “build a European academic framework”. We rub our eyes.

Historians take a media and political centrality that they could do well without. They need time, serenity and perspective to work smart. However, they are required as “fact-checkers,” consultants, clinicians, whoever, according to Today’s News, to “respond” to the latest inefficiencies. In 2018, already, on a Wednesday afternoon, the BFM called because Emmanuel Macron invoked Petain’s qualities as a great soldier (hotly disputed elsewhere, but hey). Can I come and talk about it urgently?

Two years later, he rebelled with Maurice this time. Timers collide: Every time I find myself between two courses, at the Sorbonne, in wooden stands weathered by science and years. We will not blame the journalists for doing their job, checking the assurances of the highest state power, but there is no need to replace the hall with a tray, in order to answer the stupidity of the day, said by a boy. Whoever flirts with the extreme right, or by a polemicist is looking for a political fate.

Because, yes, we can denounce Zemmour, but we must not forget the atrocities unleashed between the interview in current values and go down to Puy de Fou. the “At the same time”, in matters of historical and memorial, weary: we went from a visit to Oradour and the Holocaust memorial, between the two rounds of the 2017 elections (not very precise, we agree, to criticize the National Front …

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