The Israeli army vows to “respond” to the unprecedented Iranian attack

The Israeli army vows to “respond” to the unprecedented Iranian attack

Tensions are high in the Middle East, a region on the brink of conflagration. On Monday, Israeli Army Chief of Staff Herzi Halevy vowed to “respond” to the unprecedented Iranian attack on Israel, during a speech he delivered before soldiers at a base that was subjected to an Iranian strike.

General Halevy announced during his visit to the Nevatim base in the south of the country that Israel “will respond to the launching of this large number of rockets, cruise missiles and drones on the territory of the State of Israel.” The army took the opportunity to broadcast a short video showing a shallow crater along a wall resulting from the impact of an Iranian projectile as it landed on the military base.

Hundreds of missiles and drones

“We will do whatever is necessary to protect the State of Israel, and we will do so in the appropriate and appropriate manner of our choosing,” army spokesman Daniel Hagari said shortly thereafter at the base.

Iran fired hundreds of missiles and drones overnight from Saturday to Sunday at Israel, in response to the bloody attack on its consulate in Damascus attributed to the Jewish state. Almost all of these missiles and drones were intercepted by the Israeli air defense with the help of the United States and other allied countries including France and the United Kingdom as well as Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

The countries themselves, led by the United States, are now concerned about the risk of a regional conflagration in the event of a direct Israeli response to Iranian territory, in which Washington has indicated that it will not participate.

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