Australia offers its citizenship to the French “hero” who repelled the attacker

Australia offers its citizenship to the French “hero” who repelled the attacker

Damien Giroud, a Frenchman living in Sydney, grabbed a pole to prevent the armed attacker from causing more casualties.


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Flowers laid out in honor of the victims of the knife attack at Westfield Shopping Center in Sydney (Australia), which occurred on April 13, 2024. (DAVID GRAY / AFP)

The French man who fended off an attacker who stabbed six people in a Sydney shopping center on Saturday, April 14, using a pole, will receive Australian citizenship, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese announced on Tuesday. “Tell Damien Giroud, who takes care of visa applications, that he is welcome here and that he can stay as long as he wants.”“, said the commander.

The Prime Minister praised the Frenchman and thanked him for that “Extraordinary courage” When he encountered Joel Cauchi, a 40-year-old mentally ill man. He added: “He is someone whom we would gladly welcome as an Australian citizen, although of course this would be a loss for France, and we thank him for his extraordinary courage.”The Australian Prime Minister said.

“We didn't think, you don't think in those moments.”Damien Giroud told the Australian channel 7NewsSpeaking of height “Adrenaline”. “His eyes were empty”He adds, “He wasn't here” The attacker was then killed by the police. another Frenchman, Silas Desbrow, Damien Guerot's friend, was also at the shopping center at the time of the incident.

Frenchman nicknamed “The Man in Office”

On Tuesday, Emmanuel Macron praised the role of the two men, “The real heroes.” “Very proud and grateful”“, writes Emmanuel Macron, who also addresses him “Condolences” to “Australians are under attack” In a message posted on X.

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On social networks, he was nicknamed Damien Guerot “The man in office” And qualified as “hero” To intervene. “It says a lot about human nature that, when faced with difficult issues, that someone who is not a citizen of this country bravely stood at the top of that elevator and stopped that attacker from getting to another floor and potentially committing further carnage.”Anthony Albanese announced again.

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