The Islamic Movement confirms that the release of the new Israeli hostages will take place on Saturday

The Islamic Movement confirms that the release of the new Israeli hostages will take place on Saturday

The Hamas movement announced, in a statement, on Saturday, November 25, that it would release the Israeli hostages who were supposed to leave Gaza before midnight, in accordance with the agreement reached with Israel, after stopping their transfer for several hours. The Islamic Movement explained that it “responded positively to the Egyptian and Qatari efforts that continued throughout the day.” He explained that he obtained a A from Israel “commitment” Especially with regard to the delivery of humanitarian aid to the northern Gaza Strip and the release of long-term imprisoned Palestinian prisoners. Follow our live broadcast.

A similar exchange to what happened on Friday. “We’re talking about 13 hostages.” Against 39 Palestinian prisoners “Who will be released from Israeli prisons?”was announced in the middle of the afternoon on BFMTV Olivier Rafovich, spokesman for the Israeli army “But we always have to be a little careful, because there can be last-minute changes.”And also announced.

About 215 hostages are still being held in Gaza. The first twenty-four hostages, including ten Thais and one Filipino who were released outside the scope of the agreement between the warring parties, arrived in Israel via Egypt. For its part, the Jewish state released 39 Palestinians detained in its prisons. “There are about 215 hostages remaining in Gaza.”Doron Spielman, an Israeli army spokesman, said before they were released on Saturday. “In many cases we do not know whether they are alive or dead.”he added.

Humanitarian aid was able to enter the enclave. This truce, which is supposed to last until six o’clock on Tuesday morning, also allows a larger number of humanitarian aid convoys to enter the Gaza Strip, in a state of chaos. “full seat” Since October 9th. Eight humanitarian aid trucks entered the Gaza Strip on Saturday morning. These are four fuel tanks and four cooking gas trucks, as specified by the Israeli army spokesman. on. This spokesperson says so “200 aid trucks are expected today.” In the Gaza Strip.

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Suspected Iranian attack on an Israeli ship. A ship belonging to an Israeli businessman was slightly damaged on Friday in a suspected Iranian attack in the Indian Ocean. “We are aware of reports that a Shahed 136 drone collided with a ship in the Indian Ocean.”A US military official said that the boat suffered minor damage, but there were no casualties on board. The Shahed 136 drone is part of the Iranian forces’ arsenal, which appears to support the theory of an attack on Tehran.

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