A “very dangerous” green mamba was found with its owner, who is presumed to be an escapee

A “very dangerous” green mamba was found with its owner, who is presumed to be an escapee

false alarm

It’s like when you lose your house keys and they’re already in your pocket, except in this case the keys can kill you

The “extremely poisonous” green mamba that supposedly escaped from its owner in Tilburg, southern Germany HollandFinally, he was found safe and sound at his home. The municipality of Tilburg has been on alert since Monday, when the owner of the mamba, A snake Very dangerous, two meters long He reported him missing to the policeWhich indicates that he was missing a reptile.

The police published a picture of the green snake coiling around itself, and called on residents to stay in their homes and not try to catch the reptiles themselves. Sniffer dogs and snake specialists mobilized in vain for days to try to find the elusive green mamba, until a dramatic twist ended the suspense on Friday: The reptile slithered behind a plaster wall. Biologist Frik Funk, who participated in the research, said the snake was “alert and active.” He added: “He was able to drink a sufficient amount of water and is in excellent health.”

“Highly venomous” bites.

The green mamba issue has made headlines in the Dutch media, despite its dominant position in the legislative elections it witnessed Victory of the far-right party to Geert Wilders. Herpetologists and amphibians have appeared one after another on television and have been widely cited in articles.

Authorities considered it unlikely that this tropical snake would venture out due to… Weather report But many residents remained confined to their homes. The municipality called on residents to “exercise extra caution and not approach the snake.” She added that if this reptile does not seek confrontation itself, it remains “extremely dangerous” and “its bites are extremely venomous.”

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