Le passe sanitaire pourrait être levé « dans les prochaines semaines », a indiqué Gabriel Attal.

The government wants to ensure that the health passport can be maintained until July 31, 2022

Posted on October 13, 2021, 2:41 pmUpdated October 13, 2021, 4:39pm

The date is now set. The government, which follows the opinion of the Scientific Council, will propose to the House of Representatives to extend the system for exiting the state of health emergency until July 31, 2022, to extend the period of the presidential and legislative campaigns during which Parliament will not convene. This would make it possible, in particular, to extend anti-epidemic measures, such as the health card.

The bill also states that the government can restore the state of health emergency, which allows for stronger restrictions, by decree of the Council of Ministers. This health emergency could then only last a month and would require a parliament to extend it beyond that. The state of health emergency will now only be extended in Guyana, where the epidemic is still rampant, until December 31.

Health passes after November 15

He reassured that for the time being, if the epidemiological situation continues to improve, “we will be able to adapt the health card in the coming weeks, or even suspend it completely.”

However, she wants to reassure the government, this law does not mean that the health card will be applied until that date. The CEO wants to “keep in his pocket” the ability to restore a health emergency or health pass if necessary, while there is “a high risk of a resumption of the epidemic,” according to Gabriel Atal.

In my opinion, the Board of Health had advised Implementation of the health relaxation permit after November 15 If the improvement of the epidemic is confirmed, but initially it was only about places where the risk of contamination is lower. As it stands, the sanitary corridor is only allowed by law until November 15. Therefore, its extension requires Parliament’s approval.

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In addition, the government bill also aims to strengthen the fight against health passport fraud. The creation and provision of false health permits will be punished more severely. Certificates of contraindications to vaccination can also be verified by health insurance, as well as vaccination certificates.

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