How Vladimir Putin is pushing his mercenaries to Africa

How Vladimir Putin is pushing his mercenaries to Africa

Denial – France, which has been fighting jihadists since 2014 with Operation Barkhane, is trying to oppose this intervention on the part of Moscow.

After Syria, Libya and the Central African Republic, Moscow is now unabashedly assuming its strategy for influence in Africa. Next goal: Mali. On September 26, on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, Sergey Lavrov confirmed that Bamako has approached “Private Military Companies” (SMP) to train its army and try to increase its security, which is threatened every day by jihadism and instability.

In New York, the head of Russian diplomacy claimed that Moscow was in no way involved and did not quote Wagner mercenary group But this omission did not deceive anyone. We especially remember that for the first time the Russian minister clearly recognized the role of these wealthy soldiers, who will be sponsored by Ilya Prigozhin, a sulfur businessman close to Vladimir Putin. a “Shadow Army‘, even if it is less and less secretive, on which the Russian power depends to defend its interests, in Syria,

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