The game map was revealed in the latest Starfield trailer

The game map was revealed in the latest Starfield trailer

Some expect it like Christ, The Sixth Sheikh Manuscripts It is none other than the next iteration of the popular Bethesda franchise. Confirmed at E3 2018, The Sixth Sheikh Manuscripts He did not benefit from a talkative call from the American studio, as the game had not been planned for long. And for good reason, Before TES VI should come out starfieldSpace RPG with a new trailer released this weekend at E3. With a new trailer, Bethesda may have revealed the map for its future title.

New evidence points to the anvil

This weekend, the Xbox Bethesda conference for this E3 2021 took place. The first joint conference between the two American giants, the latter was held in two parts, the first focused on Bethesda games, and the second on the rest of the announcements. Obviously, Todd Howard was predictable at the corner. even if The Sixth Sheikh Manuscripts He didn’t have the right to his own trailer, game items could appear in the new trailer for starfieldBethesda, a space game set to be released next year.

In the trailer visible above, while the captain of the ship is at the controls in his cockpit, a small mark may appear on the deck of the latter. If you can’t lay your eyes on it after watching it, it’s normal, you need to be especially careful. Skip to second 76 of the video to finally find out. This clue is actually to the right of the image, a special sign that was undoubtedly left there by chance. Attentive Internet users discovered him, and he was isolated in Photoshop, which allowed him to better determine his shape.

If we are to believe the specialists in ancient scrolls, this sign is similar to Ilyak Bay, a bay located northwest of Tamriel and where the events of The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall. But if this bay between Haute-Roche and Lenclume particularly tickles expert ears, it’s because it’s commonly called “Starfall Bay.” Starfall Bay appeared in the trailer for starfield, the signals are going in the right direction, especially since the shape of the sign clearly remembers the shape of the Lenclume, the area already envisaged to host this The Sixth Sheikh Manuscripts.

Even if the brand and the areas of Haute-Roche and Lenclume do not overlap 100%, the similarities do exist. A brand that can reveal in advance the areas to explore The Sixth Sheikh Manuscripts. Another hypothesis, it might be that one of Bethesda’s creators decided to have fun with fans by giving them similar details to point them in the wrong direction. In any case, the American studio will not fail to reveal more in the coming years.

From your side, do you think this sign represents the playable area of ​​this The Sixth Sheikh Manuscripts ? Do you think it’s Linclume and Haute-Roche? Feel free to respond to us via the survey below and the comments section.

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