Starfield: Todd Howard gives more details on Bethesda's space RPG

Starfield: Todd Howard gives more details on Bethesda’s space RPG

Because obviously, when it comes to reviving a game that doesn’t have anything concrete to show yet, it’s now the iconic product of the company we send to the microphone. The opportunity for him to state, first of all, that it would indeed be necessary to wait PlayWait until you get close to the outlet as is often the case with the American publisher.

But as is often the case with Mr. Howard, you have to know how to sort the chaff from the chaff to get some information. And so, we learn that starfield It will therefore be playable in first and third person perspective, like many other titles from the same teams. It also appears to have been cut to run for years to come, based on experience gained with it. Skyrim whose scope still allows it to continue to exist, a decade after its release. Todd Howard promises a massive game,”The kind that can be counted in hundreds of hours of gameplay‘,” the Telegraph confirms.

Because it’s clearly still an RPG,”More hardcore than we’ve been able to do so far‘ says Howard, who talks about getting back into things.Which we’ve been doing for a long time and we think allowed players to embody the character they wanted to playChoosing your avatar’s past should be one of those mechanisms.

Moreover, talking about the elements the design Going back, Todd Howard seems to explain in this interview that despite the universe’s infinite attraction, starfield You should have a well-defined and finite world, with a similar build to the world of other Bethesda games:”I don’t want to generate high expectations there. We have cities and we created them as we did until then. And we have a lot of sweeteners, and we created them like we did up until then. We hope their exploration will be as rewarding as it has been until then.“.

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absent Play reliable, so the British journalist tried to define the parameters of science fiction to some extent starfield, which will not beNeither Star Wars, nor Star TrekBut there is something more deeply rooted in our reality, Howard says. Although the producer then struggled (possibly for long minutes) to explain it starfield It remained a game, and that it would include a certain comment of disbelief, one would guess that the game does indeed seek to approach our age and its lore. The “NASA Bank“, As he says.

It will now be necessary to connect the various points available, while waiting for others to come and position themselves to give birth to a more realistic picture of starfield, which will be released in 2022.

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