The first in the Mediterranean: an underwater cycle track opened on the Catalan coast

The first in the Mediterranean: an underwater cycle track opened on the Catalan coast

The sea is now more conducive to surfing than to cyclists. But it was the bikes in the water that appeared on June 22 on the Catalan coast. After electric surfing, welcome to the hydrobike peloton launched by “The Hydro Experience” company that distributes these new beach stars.

The aquabike system has already conquered swimming pools. All that remains is to jump into the sea, and biking on the water is now possible! Provided you’re in Saint-Cyprien, an ideal home base for this New Zealand innovation under full development in France. Known for its dense network of cycle paths, the city pushes the cycling experience even further by opening its first cycle path into the water. To be able to take full advantage of the joys of a water bike without hitting the bathers. “It’s a great precedent in France that has created a cycling path in the water and I’m very happy that Saint-Cyprien is paving the way. With a company founded in the city that distributes a very innovative product that hasn’t finished talking”.

A calmer sea will be waiting for Mayor Thierry del Boso to test. But he has already planned everything so that electric jet ski models can develop in complete safety at sea, without exceeding the 300-meter limit. By asking for permits so that a coding dedicated to bicycles is installed in the water in a channel arranged between a poor beach, near the port and Cipriano, to the north. “makes dream come true”Greetings from Myriam Cabrol, The Hydro Experience. “With this space in the sea where we can develop, we are going to get this bike into the water and especially to discover the exercise of the water bike”She continues.

It’s a water bike that blends the feel of sliding with the feel of cycling

The bike in question is called Le Manta, codename: Hydrofoiler XE-1. Like all bikes, it comes equipped with a handlebar, saddle, and pedals, but instead of wheels, this bike has a rudder, propeller, two horizontal fenders, and carbon wings that allow for water gliding. “It’s a water bike that cruises the waves and blends the feel of a glide with the feel of cycling and footwork.”. It takes between two and 20 minutes of conditioning to master the bike. A little more in rough seas. The demonstration left the whole beach silent. “You start, you’re in the water, you step on the bike to sink it, you step on top of it to get on it. Then you feel like you’re taking off like you’re in an airplane. You hit the accelerator, you go forward, up, up and then jump, you swing your body forward to rebalance and then go’. Pedal left for 1.5km on the waves of the first course on the water in France.

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