One of the authors has finally been arrested, 11 years after the site was shut down

One of the authors has finally been arrested, 11 years after the site was shut down

More than ten years after its closure, the illegal download site Megaupload is still talking about it. If Kim Dotcom, the main instigator of it, had not been extradited, then one of his associates would have just been arrested, when he would have been forgotten for 11 years.

in case Mega iPodThe name Julius Benko may mean nothing to you. Less well known than Kim Dotcom and some of his associates, the man had an important role in the development of the illegal downloading platform. He was a graphic designer And we owe the Megaupload logo to him, as well as flash player support on the site. But his role did not stop there, as he also owned shares in the company.

Although Julius Benko has so far managed to slip through the cracks, he is finally arrested by the authorities. The man was arrested at a hotel in Prague and will soon be extradited to the United States, where he is supposed to serve his sentence.

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Graphic designer Megaupload arrested in Prague, 11 years after Kim Dotcom

When authorities arrested Kim Dotcom (since on bail) and his accomplices in January 2012, Julius Benko was missing. Was his case not of sufficient interest to the authorities at the time, or had he simply disappeared from circulation? We ignore it. though, It hasn’t completely disappeared from the radar : Between 2012 and 2013, we saw him retweet certain messages from the Megaupload issue. And in 2014, he posted videos to YouTube showing his new business: vintage car restoration.

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But since 2014, Julius Benko has been more conservative. Until Justice once again takes an interest in his case, he appears to have played an unexpected role within Megaupload. An international arrest warrant was issued for him, and it was the Czech police who finally arrested the 46-year-old in a Prague hotel. According to the police, he was “armed with several knives”. But thanks to the intervention of the police, he did not offer any resistance.

Julius Benko was more than just a graphic designer

How did Justice begin to take an interest in the Julius Benko case? To understand it, we must go back to its role within the Megaupload site. True, correspondence with Julius Bencko in 2007 showed that he looked for links to illegal serial downloads. But this is not enough to make justice wink.

On the other hand, by looking back at his payment history, the authorities eventually discovered that Julius Benko had won More than a million dollars In 2010 alone, thanks to its activities within Megaupload. In addition, he owned 2.5% of the company’s shares. It is difficult to imagine that his work concerned only the graphic part of the site.

Julius Benko will be extradited to the United States, where He will serve a sentence of several years (We still don’t know yet the exact length of his imprisonment.) By comparison, New Zealand courts have sentenced two former programmers from Megaupload to 3 years in prison.

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