The final results confirm the big win for Basiro Diomai Fay

The final results confirm the big win for Basiro Diomai Fay

In Senegal, the Constitutional Council confirmed, on Friday evening, March 29, the clear victory of Basserou Diomaye Faye in the presidential elections that took place on March 24 in the first round. This is the last stage of the accelerating electoral process before the inauguration of the new head of state scheduled for April 2 and the departure of President Macky Sall.

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It was a formality: ” The Constitutional Council did not receive any dispute » indicates the resolution, and ” Mr. Basiru Diomai Diakhar Faye was elected Chairman of the Committee Republic of Senegal Therefore, the Elders confirm the provisional results announced on Wednesday evening by the National Vote Count Committee: 54.28% for the president-elect and 35.79% of the votes for his main competitor, former Prime Minister Amadou Bah.

Short appeal

This decision, which was taken after a short appeal period, allows for regulation take office By Basiru Diomai Faye April 2 is the expiration date of the term of outgoing Head of State Macky Sall. The two men had already met on Thursday at the palace, with Ousmane Sonko also in attendance. Visit ” Courtesy stamp “According to the presidency, especially to discuss” Major state issues “.

On to the next steps

A meeting immortalized in stunning photographs after many years of violent political fighting between the two camps. Next steps now: Bassero Diomai Faye's swearing-in, Tuesday, April 2, in the new city of Diamnyadyo, followed by the transfer of power at the presidential palace.

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Media factsThe election of Basserou Diomay Fay, a new era for media in Senegal?

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