abnormal.  Soufriere: Fumaroles have been observed for kilometers around

abnormal. Soufriere: Fumaroles have been observed for kilometers around

La Soufrière unfolded in a beautiful way on Friday, thanks to the sunny weather: many Guadeloupeans saw a very high column of white fumaroles, for kilometers around. For those who were worried, OVSG explains that this appearance is common. Most of the time it is hidden by clouds.

Soufrière's landmarks offer a beautiful face in the distance on a clear day.
But yesterday (Friday, March 29, 2024), its sight was disturbing for more than one reason: a rising column of smoke was seen several kilometers around it. This has been photographed several times by those who have observed it, particularly from Marie-Galante and Côte-au-Vint in Basse-Terre (see photo in article).

They were actually just ordinary fumaroles from the volcano, explains the Volcano and Seismological Observatory of Guadeloupe (OVSG), in a Facebook post; Its intensity has not changed in recent days.

These fumaroles have been around for years, usually hidden in clouds and/or pushed south-southwest by trade winds. It has appeared clearly in recent days thanks to exceptional weather conditions.

Therefore, there is no reason to be afraid, in light of the current situation.

It should be noted that the Fumarolic area is not accessible to the general public; The authorities have put up barriers to keep visitors away. The fumes there are sulfurous and hot.

However, during this period of school holidays and high tourist season, the slopes of Soufrière are very crowded.

As a reminder, Soufrière is an active volcano, and the archipelago has been placed, for several years, in a state of yellow alert, according to the provisions made by the authorities, regarding the volcanic alert level.

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Another sign of this mountain's activity: a series of volcanic earthquakes began last Tuesday (March 26, 2024). 192 very low magnitude earthquakes were recorded by the OVSG, in less than two days, under the dome's summit; No such shaking has been reported. This phenomenon is also observed regularly.

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