The FIFA President was impressed by the OFC development rules

The FIFA President was impressed by the OFC development rules

July 8, 2021

  • FIFA President delivers a keynote address at the 27th Ordinary Conference of the OFC

  • Infantino congratulated OFC for his clear vision for football development

  • Oceania can have up to two representatives in the 2026 FIFA World Cup and 2027 FIFA Women’s World Cup

During a speech at the 27th Ordinary Conference of the OFC, FIFA President Gianni Infantino praised the foundations that Oceania had laid for the development of football in Oceania. According to him, strengthening these structures can lead to an improvement in athletic performance. This speech, delivered from afar, returned to the important reform process undertaken by the Union in recent years. This evolution is based on strong principles such as accountability, transparency, efficiency and good governance. The strengthened structures of the OFC will allow to realize its clear vision of football development, preparing member associations for new opportunities: in fact, it can have up to two representatives in the 2026 FIFA World Cup. And in the 2027 FIFA Women’s World Cup™. “Today, we can say that the OFC is an innovative and professional organization,” said President Infantino. “Despite the Covisd-19 pandemic, you have met all of your goals in 2020. Appropriately, the OFC will have a new headquarters, while the establishment of a new OFC office is in full swing. We look forward to being with you to open this building once New Zealand reopens its borders.” . The FIFA President stressed the importance of participating in major international tournaments. Tahiti, a two-time World Cup finalist, has qualified to play in the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup, while Solomon Islands will be present at the fifth consecutive edition of the FIFA Futsal World Cup. These two teams were able to count on the help of FIFA’s Covid-19 Support Fund to properly prepare for these two meetings.

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Gianni Infantino noted that “encouraging member associations around the world to organize and participate in these great global tournaments is one of the most important aspects of my vision for football 2020-2023”. “Whether you are an organizer or a participant, getting to know high-level football is the main driver of football development at all levels. These competitions have a huge appeal for young people and that is why I am very happy with the idea of ​​the big football party that will take place in Oceania in 2023. The Women’s World Cup, hosted by Australia, kicks off at Eden Park in Auckland, but three other venues in New Zealand have been selected for the tournament. Previously, fans from across the region supported New Zealand, which is participating in both Olympic soccer tournaments Tokyo 2020. President Infantino wished both sides good luck, before looking to the future. “You have asked me for more opportunities to participate in competitions for both sexes,” the FIFA president said in conclusion. “Now help us build healthier and more inclusive football, by participating in discussions on the calendar. Thank you for all you do for the best sports.”

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