Opening match Fiji - Japan

Opening match Fiji – Japan

Olympic champions Fiji will face Japan, the host nation, in the opening match of the men’s seven rugby tournament at Tokyo Stadium on July 26, 2021. Instead, France’s match against Fiji will be the first women’s match in a discipline that will present itself differently than 2016.

Tokyo 2020 Rugby Sevens: Men’s Calendar

Seven-player rugby will appear for the second time at the Olympics. The highest point in the history of the sport was reached in 2016 when it debuted at the Olympic Games in Rio. The defending champions are Australia in the women’s field while the boys from Fiji gave the first Olympic medal in their island’s history to their compatriots with an impressive gold medal. It will be the defending champions in Fiji who will start the sprint against hosts Japan in the opening match of the Men’s Sevens Rugby Championships on July 26, 2021. The first day of competition will also see the silver medalist in Rio. That’s the Great Britain that the novices will face in Canada. Also on July 26, for Group C, Ireland will make their Olympic rugby debut with seven players against the bronze medal winners at Rio 2016, South Africa. Group C that promises to be so combative it will be the next day’s eyes on the rugby world’s ultimate challenge in the Southern Hemisphere between New Zealand and Australia. To watch a repeat of the 2016 Rio Final between Great Britain and Fiji on 27 July.

Tokyo 2020: spectators not attending the Olympic event

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Follow the women’s championship

The Tokyo 2020 Rugby Championship will generally be held from July 26-31. As already announced by the organizers, however, the calendar may be subject to changes. The women’s competition will begin on July 29 and this is a partial modification to the Rio 2016 press system. The men’s competition will take place first between July 26 and 28. On the other hand, the women’s competition with France-Fiji will kick off on July 29, the finals are scheduled for July 31, and strangely enough, the hosts Japan will participate for the first time in the women’s tournament against the Australian champions. Also on the first day of competition, the other two Rio 2016 medals will also take to the field. Silver medalists New Zealand will meet Kenya, while the bronze medalists in Rio will face Brazil.

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