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The Extraordinary Journey of Intrepid AJ Hackett in a new documentary on January 17th on TREK

On Monday January 17 at 8:40 PM (Metropolis date and time), TREK invites you to discover the unreleased documentary “AJ Hackett, Your Extreme Majesty” directed by Robert Essini and Sophie Dinger, which traces the extraordinary journey of brave AJ Hackett!

June 26, 1987. Under the supervision of the police, Alan John Hackett, he was arrested by journalists before being taken, with the Manu militia, to the nearest police station to respond to the disturbance of public order. Moments ago, this daring 29-year-old New Zealander, elegantly clad in a tuxedo, had given himself the big thrill by jumping illegally from the second floor of the Eiffel Tower, his ankles simply held in place by an elastic band. Images of the few seconds of free fall circulate around the world and bring bold AJ Hackett and “bungy” to bad planet fame.

Thirty years later, bungee jumping – or bungee – a very free personal adaptation of the rituals of Vanuatu’s ancestors has become a discipline recognized worldwide and delights millions of followers in search of unique sensations.

The new documentary “AJ Hackett, Your Extreme Majesty,” recounts the extraordinary fate of A.J. Hackett, a daring and reckless man of all professions who, not only popularizing the Bengali, also greatly contributed to the democratization of the practice of extremist discipline in the world. In an exclusive interview, AJ Hackett discusses in detail his discovery of the buggy and his burning desire to push his limits. Next, close friends and relatives paint a picture of this character, touching and confusing.

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Since his childhood in New Zealand which made him get a taste of outdoor sports and amazing places; His studies as a carpenter are invaluable when it comes to jumping platform design; His first jump to Auckland. his crucial trip to France with the New Zealand speed skating team; Founding ring of the Eiffel Tower. Establishment of the first Bungee Center in Queenstown… until consecration, in 2018, with the presentation of the Badge of the Order of Merit, the ultimate recognition for building an “adrenaline-fueled economic empire.”

TREK is available on Canal + / CanalBox shows in the Overseas Territories, Parabole Réunion-Mayotte, Orange, SFR, GO TV and on all pay TV media in France.

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