Italy medals.  All the Azzurri names who have taken the podium - OA Sport

Italy medals. All the Azzurri names who have taken the podium – OA Sport

everyone Tokyo Olympics awarded 339 titles and a total of 1080 medals (340 gold, 338 silver, 402 bronze): toItalia bring home Standard number of 40 platforms (10 Gold, 10 Silver, 20 Bronze) inches 19 different sports (Another record), scoring Every day (another record) with At least one medal.

L ‘Last cited stat Then it was commentedforget From CONI President, Giovanni Malaghi: “At this last Olympics we were fortunate enough to be able to celebrate a medal every day, a record that we won’t be able to meet in the future.“.

the #1 in Italian sports Then he added:I was also expecting these results because the number of participants was a record: we qualified in 85% of the competitions. The athletes have blended in, on a multidisciplinary level, and in Beijing, at the Winter Games, we’ll see some good games“.

Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, Flag Campaign Ceremony in the Quirinale. Mattarella: “Honor the country and it will follow you”

The 40 pudiums in Italy day by day

Saturday 24 July

Fencing, men’s single sword
1 Aaron Zilagy (Hungary)
2 Luigi Samelli (Italy)
3 Kim Jong-hwan (South Korea)

Taekwondo male -58 kg
1 Vito dell’Aquila (Italy)
2 Mohamed Khalil Jendoubi (Tunisia)
3 Jang Joon (South Korea)
3 Mikhail Artamonov (Republic of China)

Sunday 25 July

Road cycling, ladies’ online experience
1 Anna Kissenhofer (Austria)
2 Anime Van Floten (Basie Passe)
3 Elisa Longo Borghini (Italy)

Judo, 52 kg, female
1 Ota Abe (Japan)
2 – Amandine Bouchard (France)
3 Odette Giuffrida (Italy)
3 Chelsea Giles (Great Britain)

Weightlifting, male -67 kg
1 Chen Lijun (Sina)
2 Luis Javier Mosquera Lozano (Colombia)
3 Mirco Zani (Italy)

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Monday 26th July

Swimming, breaststroke 100 males
1 Adam Petty (Great Britain)
2 Arno Kamenga (Netherlands)
3 Niccolo Martinini (Italy)

Swimming, men’s 4 x 100 freestyle relay
2 Italia
3 Australia

Mud shooting, women’s skateboard
1 Amber English (USA)
2 Diana Baccosi (Italy)
3 Wei Ming (Sina)

Fencing, single foil for men
1 Cheong Ka Long (Hong Kong)
2 Daniel Garroso (Italy)
3 Aleksandar Shubenić (Czech Republic)

Tuesday 27 July

Judo, 63 kg, female
1 Clarice Agbignino (France)
2 Tina Trsingak (Slovenia)
3 Maria Centracio (Italy)
3 Catherine Biochmin Benard (Canada)

Ladies team fencing
1 Estonia
2 South Korea
3 Italia

Weightlifting, female -64 kg
1 Maud J. Charon (Canada)
2 Giorgia Pordenion (Italy)
3 Chen Wen Hui (Sina Taipei)

Wednesday 28th July

Rowing, four without the big guys
1 Australia
2 Romania
3 Italy (Mattio Castaldo, Marco di Costanzo, Matteo Ludo, Giuseppe Ficino)

Swimming, men’s 200 butterfly
1 Christoph Melak (Ungria)
2 Tomorrow Honda (Jiabon)
3 Federico Bordisso (Italy)

Duel, Saber men’s team
1 South Korea
2 Italia
3 Hungary

Thursday 29th July

Men’s lightweight double rowing
1 Ireland
2 Germany
3 Italy (Stefano Obo, Pietro Willi Rota)

Rowing and women’s lightweight doubles
1 Italy (Valentina Rodini, Federica Cesarini)
2 France
3 Netherlands

Swimming, men’s 800 freestyle
1 Robert Fink (USA)
2 Gregorio Paltrinieri (Italy)
3 Mikhailo Romanchuk (Ukraine)

Fencing, women’s team foil
1 Republic of China
2 France
3 Italy (Martina Patini, Ariana Erigo, Alice Volpi, Erica Cypressa)

Friday 30 July

Women’s Singles Shooting
1 year San (South Korea)
2 Elena Osipova (Republic of China)
3 Lucilla Bori (Italy)

Saturday July 31

Swimming, women’s 800 freestyle
1 Kathleen Ledecky (USA)
2 Ariarn Titmus (Australia)
3 Simona Cuadarella (Italy)

Men’s Single Shooting
1 Mitigazouz (Turkey)
2 Mauro Nespoli (Italy)
3 Takaharu Furukawa (Jiabune)

Weightlifting, male -81 kg
1 Liu Xiaojun (Sina)
2 Zacharias Bonat Michel (Dominican Republic)
3 Antonino Pizzolato (Italy)

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Sunday August 1

Swimming, men’s 4 x 100 medley relay
2 Great Britain
3 Italy (Thomas Ciccone, Niccol Martinini, Federico Bordisso, Alessandro Merisi)

Athletics, men’s high jump
1 Gianmarco Tampere (Italy)
1 Moataz Issa Barshim (Qatar)
3 Maxim Nidasekau (Belarus)

Athletics, Men’s 100m
1 Lamont Marcel Jacobs (Italy)
2 Fred Curley (USA)
3 Andre de Grasse (Canada)

Monday August 2

Artistic gymnastics, female free body
1 Jade Curry (USA)
2 Vanessa Ferrari (Italy)
3 Mai Murakami (Japan)
3 Angelina Melnikova (Republic of China)

Tuesday August 3

Boxing 57 kg female
1 Sina Airi (Japan)
2 Nethi Betsio (Philippines)
3 Irma Testa (Italy)
3 Karis Artingstal (Great Britain)

Nakra Candle 17 Misto
1 Italy (Ruggero Tita / Caterina Banti)
2 Great Britain (John Jameson / Anna Burnett)
3 Germany (Paul Kohlhoff/Alica Stolmer)

Wednesday 4 August

Cycling track, men’s team chase
1 Italia
2 Denmark
3 Australia

Thursday August 5

Cross-country swim, men’s 10km
1 Florian Willbrück (Germany)
2 Christoph Rasovsky (Hungary)
3 Gregorio Paltrinieri (Italy)

Speed ​​boat, K1200 meters men
1 Sandor Totka (Hungary)
2 Manfredi Rizza (Italy)
3 Liam Heath (Great Britain)

Athletics, 20 km of men’s walking
1 Massimo Stano (Italy)
2 Koki Ikeda (Giappone)
3 Toshikazu Yamaneshi (Jiabune)

Cycling track, aluminum for men
1 Matthew Wells (Great Britain)
2 Campbell Stewart (New Zealand)
3 Elia Viviani (Italy)

karate , female kata
1 Sandra Sanchez Jaime (Spain)
2 Kyo Shimizu (Jiabouni)
3 Lao Mu Sheung Grace (Hong Kong)
3 Viviana Potaro (Italy)

Friday August 6

Athletics 20 km women’s run
1 Antonella Palmisano (Italy)
2 Sandra Lorena Arenas (Colombia)
3 Liu Hong (Sina)

Karate, Kumite – 75 kg Mask
1 Luigi Bossa (Italy)
2 Rafael Agayev (Azerbaijan)
3 Stanislav Horona (Ukraine)
3 Karoly Gabor Harspataki (Hungary)

Athletics 4 x 100 men
1 Italia
2 Great Britain
3 Canada

Saturday 7 August

Men’s freestyle wrestling -97 kg
1 Abdul Rashid Sadulev (Republic of China)
2 Kyle Frederick Snyder (USA)
3 Reynris Salas Perez (Cuba)
3 Abraham de Jesus Conedo Ruano (Italy)

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Sunday August 8

Rhythmic gymnastics, all-around team
1 Bulgaria
2 Republic of China
3 Italy (Alicia Morelli, Martina Centofante, Agnese Durante, Martina Santandria, Daniela Mogurian)

Photo: La Presse

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