The European Union threatens China over the planned change in the election law in Hong Kong

The European Union threatens China over the planned change in the election law in Hong Kong

In light of the planned change in the election law for the China Special Administrative Region Hong Kong he have European Union Threatened to take “other steps”. “The European Union is appealing to the Chinese and Hong Kong authorities to restore confidence in the democratic process in Hong Kong,” said the European Union’s representative for foreign affairs, Josep Borrell, on Thursday. He stressed the need to end “the persecution of those who defend democratic values.”

Given the situation in Hong Kong at the end of February, EU foreign ministers basically agreed on a tougher stance towards China and did not rule out sanctions. In the past, the European Union adopted restrictions on the export of surveillance technology and support measures for the civilian population in Hong Kong.

United States: “stifling political debate”

Also United States of America He was highly critical of the planned change in the election law on Thursday. A US State Department spokesman spoke of “a direct attack on Hong Kong’s economy and democratic freedoms and processes.” The aim of the planned reform was to “reduce democratic representation and stifle political debate” in Hong Kong.

The Chinese People’s Assembly held a session on Thursday Changing voting rights in the Special Administrative Region Put on the road that Beijing To provide control over the candidates. Among other things, the Chinese leadership will gain veto power over candidates who run to vote in Hong Kong. The details of the new election law have yet to be formulated and decided upon by the Chinese parliament.

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The Chinese leadership had already increased pressure on government opponents and democracy activists in Hong Kong with the introduction of the so-called Special Administrative Region Security Act last year. The law permits authorities to suppress any activity they believe threatens China’s national security.

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