Corona Austria: nurse death unrelated - still AstraZeneca's survey disaster

Corona Austria: nurse death unrelated – still AstraZeneca’s survey disaster

After a nurse died in Austria a few days after the AstraZeneca vaccine was vaccinated against Corona, the EMA is now providing its first clear treatment.

Update from March 12th, 3:42 pm: Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz (ÖVP) boosted confidence in AstraZeneca vaccine at Friday’s press conference. “The decision is made by the experts. At the end of the review you have to respect the result. There was no causal relationship, so I trust the experts.” The consultant said that he will be vaccinated with the AstraZeneca Corona vaccine.

On Friday, a WHO spokeswoman also referred to the European Medicines Agency’s EMA assessment, which came to the conclusion that the benefits of vaccination with the factor are greater than the risks.

AstraZeneca itself dismissed concerns about dangerous side effects of the Corona vaccine on Friday. “Our safety data analysis of more than 10 million records showed no evidence of increased risk of pulmonary embolism or deep vein thrombosis,” a spokesperson confirmed. This applies to all ages, races, countries or AstraZeneca vaccine groups. “In fact, these events occur less often among vaccinated people than the general population,” she said.

AstraZeneca’s Corona Vaccine: Spahn “Takes These Reports Seriously”

Update from March 12 at 11.12 AM: At the Federal Press Conference on the current situation of Coronavirus in Germany, Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) commented on criticisms of AstraZeneca vaccine. “We take these reports very seriously,” he said.

However, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and the Paul Ehrlich Institute (PEI) came to the conclusion that “as of this Friday” – there is no increased risk of developing a blood clot. But we are watching it closely. Span said he regrets that some countries have now stopped AstraZeneca vaccinations – “but most of them don’t,” he said.

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Anke Richter-Scheer, board member of the General Medical Association of Westphalian-Lippi and head of the Vaccination Center in the Minden-Lübeck region, explained at the press conference that all approved Corona vaccines are “equivalent” to it.

Corona in Austria: Disaster survey of AstraZeneca vaccine

Update from March 12th 9.50 AM: The majority of the Austrian population is generally positive about the Corona vaccination. This was revealed by a recent poll by the daily newspaper Austria. So the desire to vaccinate was 65 percent. Specifically, 44 percent of the 1,000 respondents said they want to be vaccinated safely, and 21 percent voted “Yes more or less, but I’d like to wait to see.”

The survey also revealed which vaccines are most common. While 78 percent of those surveyed for a Biontech / Pfizer Corona Vaccine said they would be vaccinated with the vaccine, only 39 percent were for AstraZeneca. A majority of 61 percent said they would refuse to be vaccinated from the British-Swedish manufacturer. The Moderna Corona vaccine received 60 percent approval from those surveyed.

Corona in Austria: Several accidents after the AstraZeneca vaccination

First report from March 11th: Amsterdam – In Austria, a nurse from the State Clinic in Zuettel (Lower Austria) died as a result of severe coagulation disorders at the age of 49. This was announced by the Austrian Federal Office for Health Safety (BASG) last Sunday. Ten days before her death, the woman received an initial vaccination with AstraZeneca, a Corona vaccine.

Another nurse (35) from Zwettl State Hospital developed a pulmonary embolism a few days after she was vaccinated against Corona with a dose of the same batch (ABV5300). The woman is “on the mend,” BASG announced on Sunday. As a precaution, Austria subsequently stopped the vaccination against Corona with the infected AstraZeneca batch. There was another case of pulmonary embolism in a nurse at the University Hospital Graz (51). Contact with the AstraZeneca vaccine administered a few days earlier remained open at first.

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Corona: EMA does not see a link between AstraZeneca vaccination and the nurse’s death

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) gave its first overall clearance on Wednesday. There is currently no evidence that the aforementioned cases were caused by vaccination against Corona with the AstraZeneca vaccine. “The ABV5300 batch was shipped to 17 countries in the European Union and contains 1 million doses of vaccine. Some EU countries have also suspended this batch as a precaution while a full investigation is being conducted. Although a quality defect is deemed unlikely at this point in time, However, the batch quality is being verified, “the press release continues.

The agency said the EMA’s PRAC Safety Committee is investigating cases related to batch ABV5300, as well as all cases of “thromboembolic events and other disorders related to blood clots reported after vaccination.” “The information available to date indicates that the number of thromboembolic events in vaccinated people is no higher than in the general population,” the EMA continues.

AstraZeneca Corona Vaccine: Lab Tests Show “No Analytical Anomaly”

BASG has already noted “no causal link” between the Corona vaccination with AstraZeneca and the cases that have occurred. Christa Werthomer Hoch, Chief Medical Market Supervisor for the Health and Food Safety Agency (AGES), told CNN ORFThe precise controls were carried out at the relevant Zoetel State Hospital.

Corona in Austria: Ten days after the Corona vaccination at the Zwettl State Clinic, a nurse dies – a colleague must be treated with a pulmonary embolism.

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They examined how the product was stored, how to administer it, injections and equipment. “An absolutely positive report has been submitted that everything is fine,” said Werthomer Hoch. The head of the Medical Market Supervision Authority stated that while examining the concerned batch of vaccine in the official control laboratory, there was no “analytical anomaly”.

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As soon as the cases are known, AstraZeneca informed the Austrian news agency APA: “In the interest of all those eagerly awaiting the vaccination, we would like to conduct an investigation as soon as possible in order to clarify how. It happened that the company is in close contact with ages and supports the investigation.” Whole”. (Girl)

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