The Elder Scrolls, Sea of ​​Thieves, Halo, Diablo, everything to remember from the Xbox/Bethesda conference

The Elder Scrolls, Sea of ​​Thieves, Halo, Diablo, everything to remember from the Xbox/Bethesda conference

After the conferenceUbisoft that we followed for you yesterday,E3 2021 Connect with the highly anticipated offer from X-Box. Conference necessarily expected, given last November’s edition of Xbox Series. Above all, for the first time in historye 3, the Xbox and Bethesda conferences merged into one, due to the subsequent acquisition of the studio by the giant Microsoft.


With Bethesda Games since Microsoft’s takeover of the studio, the video game giant has managed to kick off its conference with a tantalizing teaser from starfield. This Action-RPG style sci-fi game was announced in 2018 Xbox Exclusive, Available November 11, 2022.

Stalker 2: The Heart of Chernobyl

It was developed by the Ukrainian studio GSC Game World, Stalker: The Heart of Chernobyl Unveil the gameplay. As a reminder, this shooter mixes historical drama and science fiction in a very skilful way. The graphics look very successful, and the paranoid atmosphere should delight fans of the genre.


creators of left 4 Dead Come back with a new horror game that has been completely written off: Back4Blood. This shooting game allows great games with friends (up to 4 players), with the possibility of fighting between humans or against zombies. The game will be released on October 12, 2021.


Xbox exclusiveAnd the contraband It was revealed a bit with an original trailer announcing the game’s many promises (open world). There are no actual screenshots of the game, and no release date either. We will undoubtedly find out more at the next E3.

sea ​​of ​​thieves

sea ​​of ​​thieves I got a baffling trailer. With its cartoonish design, the game, Created in partnership with Disney Studios, must especially Saga lovers satisfy Pirates of the Caribbean, since there are several main characters of the saga in the introduction to the plot, among them Johnny Depp, Barbossa and Davy Jones. Note that Johnny Depp is on a date to cast the voice! The game will be released in 2022.

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Yakuza like a dragon

Xbox continues with the trailer for Yakuza: Like a dragon, totally crazy fighting game, is already available.

Battlefield 2042

Shooting game was announced recently, Battlefield 2042 Offers impressive gameplay video. Tanks and helicopters, gameplay looks very dynamic. The designation made for October 22 2022.

twelve minutes

Scheduled to take place on August 19, 2021And the twelve minutes He keeps coming up with his baffling concept (reclaiming the same 12 minutes, finding solutions to break out of the time loop) and his concept Great sound (James McAvoy, Daisy Ripley, and Willem Dafoe).

Psychology Pioneers 2

With its highly cartoonish visual signature, Psychology Pioneers 2 It seems to take advantage of all the graphics capabilities of the Xbox series. Trailer is a game for the universe totally crazy, Humorous. The game will be released in August 25, 2021.

fallout 76

One of the most popular Bethesda licenses, Drops It will definitely be on the news, as Bethesda announced two extensions fallout 76 : excursions And the Reveal the era of crucifixion.

The Sheikh’s Manuscripts Online

Not to announce any news related to the highly anticipated The Sixth Sheikh ManuscriptsBethesda announces the arrival of the critically acclaimed MMORPG The Sheikh’s Manuscripts Online About the Xbox Series.

Party Animals

far from kawaiianimal crossing, the game Party AnimalsAnd the Planned for 2022, promises to be a delicious sadistic pleasure, betrayed by its rounded graphics and shimmering colours.

infinite aura

One of the main licenses for the Xbox, eagerly awaited infinite aura It gets revealed a little more with a really cool trailer. The studio seems to have worked particularly on contrasts and textures, playing on reflections to bring more realism to its drawings. good news, The multiplayer mode will be free to play ! The gameplay then introduced by Xbox should convince you to buy it at the end of the year, when it’s released.

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Diablo II resurrected

Scheduled to take place on September 23, 2021And the Diablo II resurrected The return of the classic RPG, with completely redesigned graphics, revised for the Xbox Series.

A Plague’s Tale: Requiem

So far this has been a rumor, Beach Tale: Innocence back with a second partThis time, it is called A Plague’s Tale: Requiem. The game looks darker than the previous game. Given the collective criticism the French video game has received, we’re very curious to discover a sequel to it. No exit window declared, except for Current 2022.

Far Cry 6

very expected, Far Cry 6 Continues to appear in a trailer with gameplay elements. Fans of the license will obviously be satisfied with Giancarlo Esposito’s interpretation, which is more enthusiastic than ever. Reminder, The game will be released on October 7, 2021.

atomic heart

Action-RPG developed by Russian studio Mundfish, atomic heart She reveals herself in a totally mind-boggling gameplay video. Evidence that Eastern Europe is filled with particularly ambitious studios. The game will take place in a parallel Soviet Union, in the years 1930-1960, where new technologies and robots have already been invented.


Did you like animated movies? 1001 and paws And the Lowercase letters ? you will love grounded, the game in which you will play as young warriors fighting against insects. Arachnophobia abstain! The game will be available on June 30th.

Between us

The popular game is about to appear on consoles Xbox Series.

Eiyuden Chronicles: One Hundred Heroes

In the aesthetic remind us Octopate Traveler, one of Square Enix’s most recent successes, Eiyuden records It arrives on the Xbox Series, sweeping all J-RPG fans on its way. Reminder, The game was created by Yoshitaka Murayama, to whom we owe a series swedoken.

Fourth Empire Era

Fans of strategy games will be able to jump for joy with the highly anticipated Fourth Empire Era. The game, scheduled for 2021, was revealed with a gameplay video, focusing on other things including Joan of Arc. Eight countries will be available on the first day. The game will be released on October 28.

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Outer Realms 2

After the success of the first outer worldsAnd the The conference is preparing the second volume under development. As a reminder, the license takes place in an alternate future, with exciting elements of uchronia.


As One More Thing, Xbox and Bethesda announce a new single and multiplayer game from the studio we owe them ancient scrolls. run in A world of science fiction and vampire hunting, kind of mix between Ghostbusters And the Buffy the Vampire SlayerAnd the Redvale It is a totally insane game, and we are already eagerly waiting for it. Visually stunning, the game appears to benefit from a rich world and particularly attractive characters. The game will be an Xbox exclusive, slated for summer 2022.

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