Woow Bike or Electric Scooter as a Gift

Woow Bike or Electric Scooter as a Gift

Good news for those looking to make some great tech purchases. Indeed, Unieuro offers incredible prices, while at the same time offering special gifts. So let’s get into the details and see what it is.

Unieuro (Adobe)

The past year was marked by the impact of Covid, which prompted us to change many of our habits. Think not only of social distancing, but also mask use and various restrictions on movement. More and more workers find themselves wrestling with it smart work, while many students had to deal with a different school than usual, due to Distance learning. A new way of interacting, resulting in an increasingly massive increase in the use of diverse Technology devices starting from the computerPasses through smart phoneOn the other hand, we are really spoiled for choice.

Another aspect, such as navigation, should not be overlooked, which sees more and more people choose to use Electric scooters or folding bikes. A different way to experience the city than usual, providing quick and easy navigation. All products are undoubtedly useful, but at the same time require economic expenditures that end up affecting the family budget. Precisely for this reason, there are many who are looking for premium prices, such as the ones it offers يقدم Unieuro, whose latest flyer offers great deals, as well as two gifts Special welcome. That’s what it is.

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Unieuro, look at the offers: Woow Bike or Electric Scooter as a gift

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Unieuro recently launched the promotion “The gift is wow!”, valid from June 11, 2021 to June 24, 2021. Incredible discounts on different types of products, with the well-known consumer electronics chain that also offers the opportunity to get an electric scooter or folding bike for free, by purchasing one of the products specified in the flyer By browsing the Unieuro leaflet, in fact, it is possible to notice that there are some products marked with the Present.

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In particular, you can choose between one WOOW Bike at no extra cost, or the WOOW electric scooter adds 59 euros to the total cost. There are many discount products that offer access to these two great gifts. Among the proposed promotions, in fact, there are those related to various 4K HDR smart TVs, including those of the new Neo QLED Samsung range, but also Sony, LG and Philips.

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Smartphones are also available at unbelievable prices, such asiPhone 12 Pro Max to 1,349 euros or OPPO Find X3 Lite Priced at 429.90 euros. Obviously, these are just some of the high-quality, and incredibly affordable, products that Unieuro has to offer. So you just have to consult different Unieuro . Offers And choose the product and gift that best suits your needs.

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