Le feu dans les montagnes de Sierra Bermeja le 12 septembre.

The eighth day of Andalusia fires, destroyed more than 8000 hectares

The fires have displaced 2,600 people and claimed the lives of a firefighter. The rain helped firefighters on Monday, but the blaze is not yet under control.

Firefighters trying to control a blaze that killed one and evacuated a total of 2,600 people in southern Spain helped their fight last night due to light rain. Andalusian firefighters posted on Twitter, this morning: “It’s raining».

About 500 firefighters, backed by 51 water launchers, were working hard to combat this giant fire that since the evening of September 8 has destroyed more than 8000 hectares in the Sierra Bermeja mountain near Malaga, according to the regional government of Andalusia.

Since Sunday, 260 soldiers from a specialized military unit have come to provide them with assistance, at the request of the local authorities. According to pictures broadcast by local television, the elderly, who were preventively evacuated from the retirement home, applauded when the first raindrops fell.

The elderly were evacuated preventively. John Nazca/Reuters

But firefighters have warned residents that this rainfall will help them, but it will not be enough. “Rain won’t put out the fireJuan Sanchez, head of the regional fire agency, told reporters. corn “In areas where the fires were under control, this will help us reduce the time needed to put them outTotally added.

The forest fires continued into the night. John Nazca/Reuters

The blaze that killed a 44-year-old firefighter on Thursday, has been described by authorities in recent days as “complex and extraordinary“Based on”hungry monsterRaised by the high winds and heat of the past few days.

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On Sunday, 1,600 residents of six villages were preemptively evacuated in the face of encroaching fire. About 1,000 people had already been evacuated in the previous days around the coastal town of Estepona, but were allowed to return to their homes on Monday.

«Being in control today may be a little overkill but there is a silver lining“,” Said, on Radio Cadena Ser, Regional Environmental Responsible Carmen Crespo. The devastating fires fanned by the heat wave affected many Mediterranean countries this summer, such as Greece, Italy, Turkey and Algeria.

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