Taliban vows once again to let Afghans 'depart freely'

Taliban vows once again to let Afghans ‘depart freely’

Taliban Once again he promised the Americans that they would leave
Afghan The head of US diplomacy Anthony Blinken, who is visiting Qatar on Tuesday, said those who wish to leave the country freely.

He said at a press conference in Doha that the Islamists, the new masters of Kabul, announced that they would “allow those with travel documents to pass freely.” “We will wait for them on this matter.”

Kabul airport reopening soon?

The Joe Biden administration is under pressure in the face of sometimes mixed information about several hundred people, including Americans, who have been stranded at Mazar-i-Sharif airport in northern Afghanistan according to a US NGO. “The entire international community is waiting for the Taliban to fulfill this commitment,” Anthony Blinken, accompanied by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, added.

Qatar, for its part, confirmed that Kabul Airport, which has been closed since the last Americans left at the end of August, will reopen soon, without specifying a date. This is the first visit by senior US officials to the region since the Taliban seized power on August 15 and the last US soldier in Kabul left two weeks later.

The Taliban government

Anthony Blinken and Lloyd Austin want to discuss an issue that has become a major geopolitical issue and a potential humanitarian crisis, which is mobilizing the international community.

On Monday, the Taliban claimed to have taken control of all of Afghanistan, Alleging the destruction of the Banshir ValleyWhere he called the leader of the local resistance, Ahmed Massoud to rise up against them. Politically, the formation of the new Taliban executive is still pending. Analysts believe that the Islamists themselves were surprised by the speed of their rise to power and did not have time to prepare for the future.

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