The eight people trapped in the cable car cabin were evacuated

The eight people trapped in the cable car cabin were evacuated

The situation was almost hopeless but it ended well in the end. The eight people, including six children, are stranded in a homemade cable car cabin hanging over a deep valley, in a remote mountainous region in the northwest of the country. PakistanRescue workers said on Tuesday they had been evacuated.

“practicale rescue has been completed. “The two adults were the last to be recovered,” said Bilal Faizi, a Pakistani rescue official. The six children and two adults had been trapped since Tuesday morning in a gondola stuck at an altitude of about 350 meters above sea level after one of the cables that powered it failed.

Pakistan’s interim Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar hailed on X (former Twitter) the “tremendous teamwork of the army, emergency services, local authorities and residents”.

The children used the cab to get to school, through a steep valley cut by a river in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. Residents and relatives of the besieged gathered on both sides of the deep valley, which lies several hours away from any town. Ali Asghar Khan, principal of a public school in Batagram, told AFP that the children in question were teenagers who had been educated at his institution.

The booth closed around 07:00 local time (02:00 GMT). Residents who operated the cable car themselves had to resort to mosque loudspeakers to alert officials on the other side of the valley, in this area devoid of any road or bridge.

“The children were screaming in fear.”

” every time The helicopter “When we dropped off the rescuer near the cable car, the wind caused by the helicopter caused the cabin to shake and become unbalanced, causing the children to scream in fear,” Ghulamullah, the head of Alai Valley, told Geo News. “It’s a delicate process that requires extreme precision. The helicopter can’t get very close to the cable car because the airflow (caused by its blades) can cause the only chain that supports it to break.

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Police said army helicopters initially carried out reconnaissance operations near the makeshift cable car, and a soldier with a belt was lowered to deliver food, water and medicine to the passengers.

Video clip shows a person wearing a seat belt swinging under the helicopter, to cheers from the crowd on the ground watching the rescue operations. One of the children was the first to be rescued by a helicopter, according to the emergency services. In 2017, 10 people were killed in a similar incident near the capital, Islamabad.

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