New drone attacks on Moscow and its region

New drone attacks on Moscow and its region

Today, Wednesday, Russian air defenses announced that they had “neutralized” three drones west of the Russian capital, especially near the business district of Moscow. No injuries were reported.

Sixth consecutive day of drone attacks on Moscow and its region. On Wednesday morning, the Russian Ministry of Defense accused Ukraine of being behind new drone attacks on Russian territory.

He added on Telegram that a drone was neutralized by electronic warfare, and after losing control of it, it crashed into a building under construction in the Moscow City Complex without any casualties.

Light damage to buildings

Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said on his Telegram account that several windows in two five-storey buildings were damaged, and emergency services were examining the building’s perimeter.

The Russian RIA Novosti news agency had reported earlier that the sound of an “explosion” was heard in the business district of Moscow, west of the Russian capital, about five kilometers from the Kremlin.

“A building under construction in the city of Moscow sustained minor damage,” TASS reported, citing emergency services. In pictures posted on social networks, which AFP could not verify, smoke billowed near skyscrapers.

This latest attack came hours after three people were killed and two others wounded in Russian bombing of two villages near Liman in eastern Ukraine, according to the head of the local military administration.

Local governor Oleg Kipper said Wednesday morning that a Russian drone attack also damaged Ukraine’s grain infrastructure in the southern Odessa region.

Air traffic stopped briefly

The Defense Ministry said that air defenses destroyed two more devices in the Mogaysky district, 12 km from central Moscow, as well as in Khimki in the capital region, about 20 km northwest of the Kremlin.

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TASS said, citing emergency services, that air traffic at Moscow’s Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo international airports was halted for a short time before resuming.

And the Russian territories have become targeted almost daily by drones, as is the case with Moscow and its region, where it has been targeted daily since Friday. On Friday, Moscow forces shot down a vehicle and it crashed in the exhibition center area adjacent to skyscrapers in Moscow.

Over the summer, more drones were destroyed over Moscow’s business district, the most important district of the Russian capital, and in May, two drones were shot down near the Kremlin.

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