The dome referred to in my health space –

The dome referred to in my health space –

My Health Space is equipped with Dôme, a dedicated coordination application for social medicine for beneficiaries, caregivers and professionals. The decision was taken by the Ministry of Health during the Reference Committee on October 6, 2023. With this reference, Dôme strengthens its position as a publisher of specialized digital services in the medical and social sector but also as a partner of trust with public authorities.

Ensuring trust for users and professionals

To enter the My health space service catalog, Dôme had to answer more than 150 standards for security, interoperability, ethics and personal data protection. By leaning on My health space, Dôme has been identified as a reliable solution that protects its users’ data and operates to the most demanding quality standards. Dôme is also now very easily accessible to all citizens from their personal digital health space.

Without forgetting that Dôme data can be securely exchanged with My health space. Dôme can be accessed directly from My health Space as well Available in portable version on App Store And the Google Store.

Dôme, the most complete app to support medical and social stakeholders

Doom was born from several observations:

  • Information managed by various professionals is not It is not exploited enough not always shared,
  • Family caregivers, often far away, They lack information and insight about caring for their loved ones,
  • People feel vulnerable Isolated sometimes While they are accompanied by…

when A personal and secure digital space To share information, Coordination of interventions and storage of documents Then it became clear. This is the main reason for Dom’s existence.

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Digital services to meet all medical and social challenges

Dôme also offers a range of high value-added features such as shared planning, Intangible contact book, vulnerability identification network, structured documentation system

There are many digital services specifically designed to respond to all medical and social challenges, at home and in institutions: promoting staying at home, supporting caregivers, contributing to healthy aging, helping older people or people with disabilities to be effective in themselves. A journey of care…

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