The director of "Thor 4" talks about his project

The director of “Thor 4” talks about his project

For a long time, calm reigned over the new “Star Wars” movie from “Thor 4” director Taika Waititi. Now there is finally the first sign of life.

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during exit Taika Waititi He is still filming “Thor: Love and Thunder”, and is also working on a number of other film projects at the same time. Among other things, also on one “Star Wars” – movieIt was announced at Disney Investor Day in late 2020. Since Waititi has been busy, the film has been quiet so far.

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Now the director has a conversation with wired Finally he commented on his project “Star Wars” and joked that it is still in the early stage of development: “But We have a story. I’m really looking forward to him because he feels a lot like me.”

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Taika Waititi has no problem with the seriousness of ‘Star Wars’

He was also asked if it was difficult for him to combine the wild and crazy tone of his films with the seriousness of the “Star Wars” universe: “I tend to give my film some seriousness. I like to fool the audience into thinking,” Ha. This is so. Then he remarked: “Damn, you made me feel something!”

So the director’s fans will no doubt be delighted that his Star Wars movie will also bear Waititi’s hallmarks. In addition to “Thor: Love and Thunder” and “Star Wars”, he is also working on the sequel to the vampire film “5 Zimmer Küche Coffin”, on the animated film “Flash Gordon” and on a live-action version of the cult anime “Akira”.

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Star Wars fans can look forward to plenty of new projects regardless of the Waititi movie. On the one hand, there is “Star Wars: Rogue Squadron” directed by “Wonder Woman” Patty Jenkins, which is scheduled to be released on December 22, 2023, and on the other hand there are many series such as “Ahsoka”, the Boba Fett book” and “Obi-Wan Kenobi” .

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