The “digital nomad,” the traveler who exploits his status as a precarious worker

The “digital nomad,” the traveler who exploits his status as a precarious worker

toWhen I spent a year on vacation in Colombia in 2017, I met a bird that is no longer rare these days: Digital nomads. At that time, Mayer was a 29-year-old American from San Francisco (California). Having been traveling for a year, he is traveling the world and has already crossed Central America. To fund his wanderlust, this self-taught entrepreneur works remotely as a UI/UX designer, responsible for designing user interfaces for websites and apps. As a result, his status as a “digital nomad” worker allows him to not have a fixed employer and be free as air. He organizes his time as he pleases, often by coaling in the morning and making visits in the afternoon.

In 2007, this way of life was first mentioned by Timothy Ferris 4 hours a week. Work less, earn more and live better! (Pearson Editor), who recommends working remotely in an affordable country to make the most of your income. Years later, the health crisis caused by Covid-19 would explode this trend.

great traveler, Digital nomads He scours hostels and co-working spaces with unlimited coffee and a good Wi-Fi connection. In all capitals, this follower of minimalism can be recognized among thousands: his backpack Backpacker On his back (with an adapter, VPN, and power strip), his laptop under his arm and noise-reducing headphones taped to his ears.

Major “Archaeology”

If he can annoy more than one person with his distinctive vibe, reality is often more accurate. Take, for example, Julian, the son of a “skillful lady” and a worker, who has never had the opportunity to travel. Now that he's a self-employed graphic designer, why does he have to pay huge rent to live in a small, poorly insulated apartment, on the 7th floor with no elevator, with mold and noise pollution? Especially since as a freelancer – a situation that often becomes obligatory due to the flexibility of work – he faces financial insecurity but also has difficulty finding housing, due to the lack of stable work and regular pay slips.

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Pioneer “Athar” – an abbreviation of “work” and “holiday” – the Digital nomads He knows no boundaries between private and professional life. He has an unstable job, works alone, and feels guilty when he spends too much time relaxing at the beach. Boost and hey presto!, he starts doing a series of tasks again, even if it means the brink of exhaustion. It is very unfortunate that he does not get any social benefit from it.

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