Boeing CEO admits 'mistake'

Boeing CEO admits 'mistake'

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun in January 2022.
Stephanie Reynolds/AFP

A door stall during Alaska Airlines Flight 1282 last week kept dozens of the American manufacturer's 737 Max 9 planes on the ground.

Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun admitted Tuesday that “mistake» After a door stalling incident during an Alaska Airlines flight, which led to dozens of the American company’s 737 MAX 9 aircraft remaining on the ground. “We will deal with (this file) by starting by recognizing our mistake“, the director announced during a meeting at the group's plant in Renton (Washington state), according to quotes sent by a Boeing spokesman.

Dave Calhoun promised to address the issue “Transparently every step of the way”. He said that he would rely on the US Civil Aviation Regulatory Authority (FAA), “To ensure that all aircraft permitted to fly are safe and to ensure that this event does not happen again.”. “Every detail is important”He insisted it was tagged with photos of the Alaska Airlines flight, which had to turn back on Friday after a door was torn off. The president of the aircraft manufacturer did not specify what he meant “mistake”.

United Airlines, which owns the world's first fleet of 737 Max 9 aircraft (79 aircraft), indicated on Monday that it had discovered… “Bolts that need tightening.” During inspections of the doors of the 737 Max 9, the same door that was torn off on Friday during an Alaska Airlines flight.

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Certain door locks are provided by Boeing to its customers when the number of existing emergency exits is already sufficient for the number of seats in the aircraft. In addition to the 737 MAX 9, this device is already present in other Boeing models, in particular the 737-900ER, which was launched in 2006 and which has not witnessed any similar incidents since then.

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