The customer eats two kinds of sausage, french fries and coke... and leaves a tip of $16,000

The customer eats two kinds of sausage, french fries and coke… and leaves a tip of $16,000

On June 12, a customer left an extraordinary tip to the employees of a restaurant in New Hampshire, United States. The latter managed to discover a tip of $16,000, or about €13,400.

According to CNN, which released the information this Sunday, a man who wished to remain anonymous played Santa Claus in June by offering an extraordinary sum to the employees of the Stumble Inn Bar & Grill restaurant. After ordering two sausages, french fries, cola, beer, and a glass of tequila, the generous customer approached the counter to settle his $37 bill. Then he called the waitress who dismissed her: “Don’t spend everything in the same place” ….

Not understanding the note, the employee continued to be active in her department. It required the customer to ask her to look at the ticket a little more closely to understand what had just happened, and especially to realize how much “tipping” was left. “When I looked down, she was shocked,” Mike Zarrella, owner of Stumble Inn Bar & Grill in Londonderry, told CNN.
And so the boss decided to share the tip with all the staff present, that is, the eight waiters and the four chefs who were working that day. great story.

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