Serj Tankian live, Rock am Ring 2008

“The Corona pandemic has been devastating for me.”

For about a year, not a day went by without Coronavirus and its effects somehow being a problem. Serge Tankian was also allowed to comment on it in a new interview (see video below). In an interview with broadcaster Shelli Sonstein of Radio Q104.3, a System Of A Down official said, among other things, that the epidemic was “destructive” Had him.

Everything has been canceled

First, it was about the way Serge Tankian and his family settled the Corona crisis. “We live between New Zealand and the United States”Singer says. “I am in the US now, but we have been in New Zealand most of the time during the 2020 pandemic. The New Zealand government handled this very well. This is why everything went back to normal one way or another within a few months. They just got a slight repeat of the virus in Two cases, but they know what they’re doing. Then we came to the United States later that year. “

Serge Tankian also spoke about the effects of the Corona crisis on his work and plans: “For me – as for everyone else – the epidemic has been devastating in many ways. I had 22 concerts with System Of A Down, 2 debut shows, and 2 installation openings – everything was canceled. But I’m taking the time to wrap up the new music.” That was good as an artist. As part of that, we’re releasing a five-track EP called “Elasticity” on March 19. I have some other music coming out later in the year. “

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