The Copa America off Auckland has been postponed due to the coronavirus lockdown

The Copa America off Auckland has been postponed due to the coronavirus lockdown

DrThe 36th American Cup Classic Sailboat match won’t start on March 6 as planned. America’s Cup Limited event organizers. On Sunday, ACE announced the postponement of the flight from New Zealand’s North Island. The New Zealand government had previously ordered a strict seven-day lockdown to the “City of Sails” as a result of another Corona case in south Auckland.

ACE President Tina Simans stated that “the goal is to host as many races as possible” and an exemption will be provided for it. “But there will be no races until Wednesday 10 March,” they say. Meanwhile, the organizers want to work closely with the authorities and create an updated schedule.

The impetus for the lockdown in Auckland was the discovery of one infection in a city of nearly two million people. “It is likely that there will be more cases in the region,” New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told reporters. Through its strict measures, the Pacific nation has weathered the epidemic relatively well: New Zealand has a population of five million, and New Zealand has so far recorded just over 2,000 cases and 26 deaths.

Italians cause a lot of trouble

The defenders of the New Zealand Cup and their rivals Italy face each other in the competition for the world’s oldest sail cup. Due to a global pandemic, the Copa America is experiencing a racing shift for the first time in its 170-year history. There has already been a break in the competitors’ duels due to the coronavirus lockdown.

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