The total dominance of New Zealand on the date of 1

The complete domination of New Zealand in the history of 1

The Trans-Tasman Super Rugby kicked off and the one who provided the surprise was the Highlanders by wide outstripping the Australian champion, the Reds, by 40-19. Additionally, the Waratahs and the Hurricanes completed the day in a cinematic match where Team New Zealand won 64-48. On Saturday, the Crusaders beat the Brumbies 31-29 and the Rebels took a home win from the Blues 3-50. Finally, the Western Force had a chance to win against the bosses at the foot of Domingo Miotti with a turn, but the opening failed and it was a win for the visitors 20-19.

Western Chiefs 19-20 (Saturday)
The Australian team took the win at the foot of Domingo Meotti, who was dressed as champion with the try, but the conversion didn’t go well and the New Zealanders celebrated. It was bit by bit and Damien Mackenzie’s opening words at the end of the match were a sign of the Argentine’s unease. Thomas Cobelli and Santiago Medrano both started with the Perth team making another attempt by Richard Kahui and a penalty kick attempt. Miotti got the other conversion right. Several winners have come from attempts by Alex Nankeville, Nathan Harris, and Jonah Lowe. Talented Damien Mackenzie contributed a conversion and a penalty kick, but he also missed two conversions and a penalty kick. At 26′ from the complement, he saw red in visitor Luke Jacobson, for double yellow.

Crusader 31-29 Brombies (Saturday)
Richie Muonga had a good game with 11 points, but he missed two conversions that could have made the Christchurch side a lot calmer. David Haveley, Brendon O’Connor and Colin Grace were the champs who turned attempts with the opening. On the other hand, the Australians’ four attempts by Scott Seo, Tom Banks, Ira Simone and Noah Lolisio were not enough for Brumby to win the match on the first date. Lolesio’s missed conversion on time would have meant a draw, after backing two attempts in the final 10 minutes.

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Ripples 3-50 Blues (Saturday)
During the first half, penalty kicks took center stage in the match. Matt To’omua was responsible for converting the only penalty kick of the match for Rebels. However, in the second half, in addition to Lucio Sordoni’s entry into the Melbourne team, the Blues woke up and left no respite and served as a points-generating machine. Otere Black hit the sticks and added 13 units. Akira Ewan and Hoskins Sototo made the bid with two wins each, while AJ Lam backed New Zealand’s top team’s attempt to beat the Australian.

Highlanders 40-19 Reds (Friday)
The Highlanders were far superior and beat the Australian Super Rugby champion Reds 40-19. In all lines, those in Dunedin could find the formula to break their rival, something those in Brisbane could never do. Team New Zealand left no doubts, converting six attempts by Ash Dixon and twice by Scott Gregory, Seo Tomkinson, Liam Coltman and Ngatungan Bonifay. On the side of the Australian team, Kalani Thomas and Solici Vannevalo managed to score two goals.

Warata 48 – 64 Hurricane (Firenz)
The Waratahs and Hurricanes played a great game as they scored 17 attempts between the two teams, but the one to take the win was Team New Zealand 64-48. Both teams fired in the 80 minutes and showed that on the match scoreboard. Those who have signed up for local cast are: Alex Newsom, Angus Bell, Jake Gordon, Harry Johnson Holmes (x2), Lachlan Swinton and Jack Maddox. While they managed to support Hurricanes: Julian Savia (x2), Billy Proctor (x2), Jordi Barrett, Dean Coles, Brayden Euse, Peter Omaga Jensen, Pepsana Petavelo and Asafu Oumua.

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