Boeing 737 Max in Ryanair, Caribbean Airlines and New Zealand

Boeing 737 Max in Ryanair, Caribbean Airlines and New Zealand

Airline Low cost Ryanair It operated its first commercial flights in Boeing 737 8-200 197 seats, while the first of the twelve 737 Max 8 ordered by Caribbean Airlines She made her first flight. The New Zealand It in turn allowed its airspace to return to the redesigned mono-lane, which would benefit Fiji Airlines – when the borders reopened.

After receiving last week two of 210 737 8-200 An order, the Irish specialist put one into commercial service, if only for a short time: EI-HEN was connected on June 23, 2021 to its base Dublin at an airport London Stansted, the largest base in Ryanair’s network where MAXs must initially be grounded (still there according to Flightradar24). Six of the 12 planes this summer are expected to wear Ryanair uniforms and six more Air MaltaPolish company buzz Having to wait a little longer even though her first machine was ready months ago at Renton.

Based at the airport Port of Spain-BarcoTrinidad and Tobago Corporation Caribbean Airlines Attended the first flight of 9Y-GUY, the first of twelve 737 Max 8 Request #%s in 2018. The delivery date has not been announced, especially as a file Restructuring A $103 million loss in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic has just been announced. 25% of the workforce must be laid off, and the fleet of 17 aircraft drastically reduced. Caribbean Airlines has already had to deliver two 737-800s, with a third withholding since spring 2020; Only nine 737-800s and six ATRs 72-600s operate. All of its aircraft, including the MAXs, are leased.

Finally, with regard to the reconfigured single lane, which was implicated in two accidents that claimed the lives of 346 victims at Lion Air and then Ethiopian Airlines, New Zealand green light upon their return to its airspace. The CAA has determined that this authorization is for two 737 MAX 8 machines from 8 Fiji Airlines (Four have been put into service Since 2018 Of the five I ordered).

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The Deputy Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority, David Harrison, explained that he had worked with his Fijian counterpart to allow this return: “ The date of adding these aircraft to flight schedules between New Zealand and Fiji has not yet been determined, given the evolving situation of the health crisis. But passengers can rest assured that nothing has been overlooked to ensure that all necessary safety improvements are implemented, so that when these planes return to New Zealand skies, they do so safely. ».

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