‘The Chronicles of Narnia’ filming locations: The series was filmed here

The “Chronicles of Narnia” film series pleases many viewers with its wonderful shooting locations. Many of the outdoor shots come from New Zealand.

‘The Chronicles of Narnia’: Here are the filming locations

“The Chronicles of Narnia” Based on several books By Irish writer Clive Staples. The first part was filmed in 2005 and pleases viewers not only with an exciting story, but also with the backgrounds.

  • With its stunning landscape, New Zealand is one of the filming locations for the film Narnia, and among other things, it was filmed in Coromandel Peninsula Nearby areas Auckland I turned.
  • And also a bay Cathedral Cove It is the backdrop for the film series, and it is here that the siblings find the ruins of Caer Paravel.
  • It is located in the northwest of Auckland Woodhill Forestwho is used as the White Witch of the lands of Narnia.
  • The Great Battle of Narnia can also be found in New Zealand: Fluke Hill It is the background to the fight. This is near Christchurch.
  • the Elephant rocks And also Purakaunui Bay servesAnd also filming locations for the Narnia movies.
  • Nature reserve Adriesbach Teplice rocks It is an outdoor filming location for the Narnia films. It is located on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland and is characterized by steep mountains and deep valleys.
  • King Miraz Castle is also in the Czech Republic. MoreoverHe providesthe river on Background, it flows in Slovenia, Poland near the city of Bovec.
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Cathedral Cove serves as a filming location for “The Chronicles of Narnia” film series.imago/Panthermedia images

Interior shots of the film series

In addition to the unique outdoor backdrops, some parts of the film series were also filmed at the studio. Interior shots in particular come from different film studios.

  • One of them is this Barrandov Film Studio In Prague. This is one of the oldest and largest film studios in Europe.
  • Other shooting locations for interior scenes are: Henderson Valley Studios In Auckland. It is also enormous in size and is among the largest film studios in New Zealand.

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