The checkpoint as of Monday 08/28/2023

The checkpoint as of Monday 08/28/2023

day by day Have we been able to take you on vacation with us for the past few weeks – To all the beautiful places near and far this world, Where Checkpoint was read this summer. Almost 700 photos We got it from you, from Zaporizhia, Ukraine, via Reykjavik To “Mount Destiny” in New Zealand (And more are being added every day). Greetings too from “The End of the World” (Ushuaia in Argentina) was there. Unfortunately we were unable to reach the checkpoint Show only a small part of itbut we have each other here at the Berlin Checkpoint headquarters Very happy with every email. Thank you very much – we are so glad you did Gallery of your vacation photos here Already to next summer!

New school year, old problemThree-quarters of public schools in Berlin have too few teachers, and the trend is downward. And the division is getting biggerSome schools offer more lessons than intended, others less than necessary. Moritz Matzner from our data team He has the status with Tamara Flemish (web development), Lennart Tropps (design) and Hendrik Lehmann (production). School-by-school analysis and intended for interactive use. For the first time, a detailed and clear comparison What is really going on In Berlin schools – and the crisis is very tangible. You can The exact presentation of lessons in each school Whether in absolute numbers or as a percentage, so you can see at a glance How much is this under or oversupply.

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