The British military said it fired warning shots at a British ship in the Black Sea, which the UK denies وتن

The British military said it fired warning shots at a British ship in the Black Sea, which the UK denies وتن

According to the government RussianIts Su-24 and several of its ships fired warning shots at a British ship in the Black Sea on Tuesday. Information immediately denied by the British army.

since May, United kingdom Deployment of two ships in the Black Sea: a destroyer equipped with anti-aircraft missiles and an anti-submarine frigate. The Royal Navy placed them strategically near the Crimea. A “hot” area because the Russian Navy keeps a close eye on it. This publication is intended to show the UK’s solidarity with

Russian version

And news agencies quoted the Russian Ministry of Defense as saying that the British destroyer entered Russian territorial waters in the Black Sea. The destroyer (British HMS Defender) received a warning about the use of weapons in case of violation of the Russian border. The ministry said he did not respond to the warning. So the Russian “border guard ship” fired warning shots, and the Su-24M carried out “precautionary bombing along the path of the British destroyer,” according to the same source.

The British ship then left Russian waters, ending the incident that lasted more than 20 minutes at noon on Wednesday, according to Moscow. This incident comes a few days before the exercises Sea Breeze 2021 (June 28 – July 10) in which the United States, other NATO countries and Ukraine are taking part in the Black Sea, which Moscow takes a very negative view.

UK version

But this version of events is far from comparable to the British Army. “No warning shot was fired at HMS Defender. The Royal Navy ship is making innocent passage through Ukrainian territorial waters, in accordance with international law,” the British Ministry of Defense said on Twitter.

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According to a Royal Navy statement on June 10, the ship in question, HMS Defender, is in the area for NATO exercises and has “temporarily separated itself from the task force to carry out its own series of missions in the Black Sea.”

Calling the Military Attaché at the British Embassy

The Russian Defense Ministry announced in the wake of the recall of the military attache of the British Embassy in Moscow, Russian agencies reported. This incident occurred off Crimea, a Ukrainian peninsula annexed by Russia in March 2014, which has a naval base there and whose waters have been subject to several incidents in the past.

Skirmishes involving planes or ships on the Russian border are not rare, especially in times of tension with the West, but warning shots are the first for such incidents.

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