The Brexit chaos: A disturbed Scottish businessman surrenders and moves to France

The Brexit chaos: A disturbed Scottish businessman surrenders and moves to France

For ten weeks, Anton Murphy fought a tough fight and tried on the phone to find solutions to get rid of it Scotland For delivery to customers in the European Union, as in the past.

Then he settled down: the entrepreneur packed his things in Ayrshire and went with his wife France drawn. Murphy told the British newspaper that he is building a new company “Watchman” Tells.

Here’s what happened: Murphy’s Antos Dog Chews has been selling dog food and chew toys for years. He founded his company in 2005, and since then has grown to 19 employees and sales have reached 8 million pounds (9.4 million euros).

Fresh start near Lyon

Then came Brexit. Murphy says the conversations with British officials in the past few weeks have been “absolutely horrific”. Trade agreement between the European Union and Great Britain It concluded “there is almost no agreement.”

The businessman’s problem: his goods are classified as fodder, so he needs a health certificate after leaving the UK, cost: 200 pounds sterling, regardless of whether it is more than 40,000 pounds or 500 pounds.

After weeks of the phone call, he received an interview document. However, many transport companies refused to take his wares with them. They were afraid that a single pallet of material chewed on a truck might hinder the entire delivery process for a long time – because it would be checked with special care as food.

The solution that businessman Murphy now developed to his problems bitter to Great Britain as a business location. According to the Guardian, he left the country and moved to France. Set up a new company in a small town near Lyon. Nova Dog Chews have just started their first deliveries. Clients are “pleased that they are no longer associated with a UK company” and any customs declarations.

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Murphy just wants to continue supplying British clients from Ayrshire in Scotland. “Obviously this move means less taxes, fewer jobs and investments in the UK economy,” he says. Perhaps his fate was not an isolated incident. The Guardian recently reported on a mid-sized company Cheese maker Reports indicate that the new health certificates are in danger of being damaged. He got advice from the British government, but just continued Canada And in United States of America Export.

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