North Korea: According to Russian information, diplomats are fleeing in large numbers

North Korea: According to Russian information, diplomats are fleeing in large numbers

Little is known about the Coronavirus case North Korea. The country, which was already internationally isolated, shut itself down after the outbreak. Very strict restrictions must be applied against viruses within borders. So far, details have been sparse, but Russian diplomats are now providing insight.

Staff at the Russian Embassy in Pyongyang posted a message on Thursday. Among other things, she says: “It is understandable that a lot of people are leaving the North Korean capital. Hardly anyone tolerates limitations in everyday life. The huge shortage of necessities, including medicine. The fact that health problems simply cannot be treated. “

She described a “tremendous departure” for diplomats from the capital who could no longer stand the local conditions. About the message Reports are, among other things, the British Guardian. “There is hardly any diplomat left in the country,” the letter said. There are still fewer than 300 international representatives on site – and the trend is down. Just last week he did One It announced that it no longer has any foreign employees in North Korea.

A case in February sparked an uproar. Because of the lack of travel alternatives it was the diplomats and their families I was left with a kind of draisen, a hand-drawn railroad carriage. Pictures show her crossing a North Korean bridge Russia Separates.

Last week, six North Korean border guards defected to China. They gave “hunger and exhaustion” the motivation for their perilous flight.

Nearly two million doses of vaccine will enter the country

The decline in trade with China, its most important international partner, is particularly problematic with regard to the supply situation in the extremely poor country. This has decreased by 80 percent, and in the case of food and medicine even more. This comes out Report from Human Rights Watch That appeared last month. There is a shortage of food, soap, toothpaste and batteries. In addition, the floods could have exacerbated an already tense supply situation.

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Officially, there are no cases of Corona in the country. Aside from this state propaganda, analysts assume the outbreak is bound to occur in the armed forces and at least also in the border towns. As part of the WHO program, North Korea will soon receive about 1.7 million doses of vaccine. About 26 million people live in the country, the vast majority of them in extreme poverty.

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