The Blues win New Zealand, Maren Johannes dazzles: “It's art”

The Blues win New Zealand, Maren Johannes dazzles: “It's art”

Written by Joel Butz | Sports journalist

Maren Johannes, the true wizard on earth, was generally tight-lipped during the French team's win over New Zealand. But the ASVEL player still signed one of the moves of the match that enchanted the web.

Given that the next Olympic Games will be held in Paris, the French women's national team has no concerns about its participation in the tournament. However, every good opportunity for Jean-Aimy Toppin's group to develop their chemistry as much as possible, while the Tricolores aim for a medal this summer.

This is why the Blues are currently competing in the Olympic qualifiers, and at the moment we are witnessing a series of carnage. Having already beaten Puerto Rico and China by a large margin (by 48 points and 32 points, respectively), it was New Zealand that prevailed this time (94-39). Gabe Williams was player of the game with at least 21 points on 10/13:

Maren Johannes' new brilliant move

For her part, Maren Johannes was relatively reserved. On full fire recently against Puerto RicoThe ASVEL player only scored 8 points and 4 assists on 3/7 shooting. But the WNBA finalist still managed to put on a show in the Shaanxi province gym, most notably by defeating Dayla Dalton with a basket that set the canvas on fire:

Marin Johannes Art.

Whether it was dribbling, ball handling or finishing with a finishing touch, MJ23 was happy with the job because she knew how to do it well. Hopefully she can continue to do so without any controversy hanging over her head, She went through a difficult period after the Euro 2023 incident Where it is not kept.

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Gabby Williams led the attack against New Zealand, and Marin Johannes was responsible for improving the Blues' performance with new top-class work. One thing is for sure, it is a pleasure to see the playmaker impressing in the tri-colour again.

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