Documentary tips for the day: "Re: Doctor Olga in the Taiga" and "MDR at 4"

The best documentaries on TV today: “Calabria” and “Beyond the Alps”

Looking for Documentary Tips for Friday? We have selected for you the best recommendations from the TV show. Whether it’s a reportage or a nature documentary: here you’ll find an overview of really interesting TV shows. his job!

For today, Friday, we have picked three documentaries worth watching that are located in Free TV To watch: From 1:35 p.m., a nature documentary and a reportage magazine are shown on the programme. And if you’re mostly looking for star-studded documentaries, today you can catch the likes of Pietro Furnis, Benvenuto Puricelli, Emilio Mancuso, Ida Lonati Frati and Mara Suni. These are the best documentaries of the day that you should definitely not miss.

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Documents: “Calabria” (1:35 p.m. on the 3rd of Sat)

Even Homer sang about it: Calabria, the land at the front of the Italian boot. It is a sunny area full of culture with a history of over a thousand years.

These documents on 3 saturday It takes 30 minutes.

Nature Documentary: “Beyond the Alps” with Jennifer Aniston and Nicola Castellano (2:05pm on 3sat)

Lake Como is one of the most impressive lakes in northern Italy. Many celebrities live in the historic villas on its banks, most notably the actor George Clooney. But Italy’s third largest lake has much more to offer than its multi-million dollar pool of jets and villas: diverse flora and fauna in a sub-Mediterranean climate, at the foot of the Southern Alps. The lake unfolds its magic especially in the spring, when the flowers burst. However, the camera team (in the spring of 2019) had to deal with an unusually large number of rainy days.

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This nature documentary by Mi Young Prihm and starring Jennifer Aniston as Self, Nicola Castellano as Self, Ida Lunati Fratti as Self, Pietro Furness as Self, and Emilio Mancuso as Self, Brad Pitt It promises to entertain you for 45 minutes.

Reportage: “Re: Lithium treasure in Spain” (7:40pm Arte time)

Electric cars cannot drive without lithium, but the planned exploration of raw materials is causing discontent on the Iberian Peninsula. The citizens of Cáceres do not particularly agree with the Extremadura New Energy project. Sheep farmer Gonzalo and teacher Maribel explain why they are fighting to preserve the natural paradise of Sierra della Mosca.

This magazine is a reportage Good heart It takes 35 minutes.

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