The Azzurri compete in Tokyo on Tuesday, August 3rd and finals times: It's volleyball and basketball day, with Tita and Bantey sailing the water for the gold medal.

The Azzurri compete in Tokyo on Tuesday, August 3rd and finals times: It’s volleyball and basketball day, with Tita and Bantey sailing the water for the gold medal.

Italy is already certain to reach the 29th medal on Tuesday, August 3rd: Roger Tita NS Katrina Panti They are already sure to win the silver medal click 17 misto. But the blue sail is dreaming of it gold medal: For the Italian boat it will be enough to cross the finish line at least in sixth place. The other two main events of the day are all about team sports. in a raw 10 the men’s volleyball Participate in the quarter-finals againstArgentina. Only 20 minutes later, it’s up Basket: Always the quarter-finals, up front there France.

On the Italian night the main events matter Boat and athletics. in a K1200 m feminine there Francesca Ginzo, In the K 1 1000 meters males in Italy Samuel Burgo. On the track instead in hours 5.20 There is a men’s final 400 meters hurdles in blue Alessandro Sibelio. At the quad bike racetrackfemale chase: Italy in semi-finals But he faces Germany who set the world record. In the masculine Jannah and her companions confront new ZelandThe final is scheduled for Wednesday.

Here are all 24 finals on August 3

Athletics Women’s long jump – 03.50 am
kayak racing Women’s K1 200m – 04:37
Canoe Sprint Men’s 1000m – 04:54
Athletics – Men’s 400m Hurdles – 05:20
kayak racing Men’s 1000m – 5:21
kayak racing – Women’s K2500m – 05:47
boxing – Women’s Featherweight (57 kg) – 06:05
Feather – Finn Maskel – 07:30
Diving Men’s 3m jump – 8:00
Feather – Nacra 17 Misto – 08:30
artistic gymnastics – Al-Mowazi Men – 10:00
Cycling on your own track Women’s Team Chase – 10:05
Cycling on your own track Men’s Team Sprint – 10:35
artistic gymnastics – Women’s Beam – 10:45 am
artistic gymnastics – Men’s Bar – 11:30 am
boxing Men’s Welterweight (69 kg) – 12:05
Athletics – Male pole vaulting – 12:20 pm
Weight lifting – Men’s 109 kg – 12:50
Greco-Roman wrestling – 77 kg for men – 12:55
Greco-Roman wrestling – 97 kg for men – 1.30 pm
Athletics – Female Hammer Throw – 13:35
Wrestling Women’s 68 kg – 14:20
Athletics – Women’s 800m – 14:25
Athletics Women’s 200m – 14:50

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