Nok Nok, Tokyo: What amazed us on Monday

Nok Nok, Tokyo: What amazed us on Monday

They are not all Olympic champions, but they are also writing the history of the Tokyo Olympics.

. Today’s performance

Cuban Mayen Lopez entered a very closed and prestigious club, winning on Monday for the fourth time in a row the Olympic title in Greco-Roman wrestling in the 130 kg category. With his coronation in 2008, 2012, 2016 and now 2020, he has been doing like Americans Carl Lewis (long jump), Orter (disc) and Michael Phelps (400m freestyle) who won four times in a row. It happened at the Olympics.

. face of the day

Laurel Hubbard forever celebrated Olympic history on Monday: a New Zealand weightlifter is the first transgender woman to compete in an Olympic event. Hubbard, 43, participated in men’s weightlifting competitions, before beginning the transition to becoming a woman in her 30s. The New Zealander finished last in the +87kg class after failing to lift 125kg. But in spite of everything, this day will remain for her a triumph.

. Today’s story

At the Tokyo Games, there’s Luka Doncic and Kevin Durant, among others, to make basketball fans dream. But when they’re not playing, the star of Saitama’s Super Arena is called “CUE 5” and is Japanese. “CUE 5” is a basketball robot, which made its debut in the first half between France and the United States on July 25. Wearing the number 95 flowing jersey, he scored 100% on shots. First from the free throw line, then behind the three-point arc, and finally from the center of the field. What inspired this tweet from Tesla founder, billionaire Elon Musk: “Computers are incredibly…more accurate than humans.” “CUE 5” is actually the fifth generation of human-like robots that have been built since 2018 by engineers from Toyota. It moves alone with sensors to measure the distance from the hoop, and uses artificial intelligence to shoot at the right angle and force. As with humans, they can make mistakes. So there is no guarantee that the ball will always enter the basket. Measuring 2.09 for 91 kg, “CUE” is named after her because its Japanese acronym means “a chance to change something.” Who knows if the fate of the match will not depend on one of its future releases?

. Today’s sentence

“No, because I’m going to win in Paris. I’m not damned, I’m not damned.” This is the response of French gymnast Samir Ait Said to the question “Do you not have the impression that the Olympics are a cursed competition for you?” While chasing a gold medal in the rings, the 31-year-old Frenchman finished off the podium on Monday, a commendable fourth when you think he hit his left bicep three days ago in practice. Five years ago in Rio, Ait Said sustained a serious leg injury in qualifying. Four years ago, he had been denied the London Olympics due to… an injury. Despite this unlikely sequence of twists of fate, Ait Said still believes in his lucky Olympic star and has set a date in Paris in 2024. “You don’t think I’ll stop at fourth,” the door smiled—the sign of the French delegation during the opening ceremony that He did a backflip at the entrance to the Blues at the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo.

. today’s picture

The end of the game for the United States! The Americans, two-time world champions in football and favorites for the final victory, lost 1-0 to the Canadians in the semi-finals. A setback that is hard to accept for Carli Lloyd who played 39 years without a doubt in his last major tournament.

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