The arrest of the star of the series The Boys!  Will season 3 be delayed?

The arrest of the star of the series The Boys! Will season 3 be delayed?

Unfortunately, a disappointing story has come down to us from Spain. Anthony Starr, best known for his role as Homelander on Amazon Prime series The Boys, has been arrested in New Zealand. According to the Daily Mail, he has admitted to assaulting Batuel Araujo, the chef, in a Spanish bar.

Starr received a 12-month suspended prison sentence and was ordered to pay approximately €7,200 in damages in a court case. The court cited his extreme drunkenness at the time of the crime as mitigating circumstances.

The Boys star is a stark reminder of his iconic role.

Anthony Starr caused a riot in the pub, according to victim Bathwell Araujo. Sattar allegedly punched him in the upper jaw and in the eye when he was told to calm down. The glass was also smashed by actor Homelander.

“You have no idea who you messed with,” Anthony Starr told the Spaniard. You never heard of me before […] You made the biggest mistake of your life and I will find you. “I’m looking for a way to kill you.”

Batuel Araujo had four stitches on his eye and was taken to hospital.

Is the fate of the boys season 3 on Amazon Prime Video?

The third season of Amazon Prime’s “The Boys,” which has already been canceled, should not be affected by the scandal. The new season is already in the works and will premiere on June 3, 2022 on Amazon Prime Video. Season 3: Everything you need to know about the Amazon Prime Video series is here: The Boys Season 3: Everything you need to know about Season 3.

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Anthony Starr was in Spain for a new movie directed by Guy Ritchie (Snatch: Pigs and Diamonds) and was in front of the camera. The untitled action thriller follows a soldier who served in Afghanistan for the last time. Jake Gyllenhaal also appears in the film.

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