The Antarctic route travels 3000 km and reaches New Zealand

The Antarctic route travels 3000 km and reaches New Zealand

The Adélie penguin, which lives exclusively on the Antarctic Peninsula, is found on Birdlings Flat Beach, an endemic south of Christchurch in New Zealand. The locals, who found it lost on the coast, called it “Bingo”. To report the news is the BBC, noting that this is the third recorded case of an Adélie penguin to be found on the southern coast of New Zealand, after two incidents in 1993 and 1962. Adélie sightings are rare in New Zealand, but experts have raised the alarm: If more is to come in the future, they could be a worrying sign.

Save “Bingo”

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The penguin was found by Harry Singh, a local, with his wife. “I thought it was a stuffed animal, so suddenly the penguin moved its head, so I knew it was real,” Singh told the BBC. The man filmed the penguin wandering lost on the beach and posted it on his Facebook page. The couple called in lifeguards who rescued Bingo, who was underweight and dehydrated. The vets fed him and took him to a safe beach on the Banks Peninsula, free of dogs or other animals that could be a danger to penguins.

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