The all-new PlayStation will leave you speechless: discover it now!

So there you go guys! You won't believe it, but a YouTuber has created a brand new, albeit unofficial, tablet for the PlayStation 5, and it's wowed viewers as they're clamoring for Sony to make this prototype a reality.

Frankly, Sony has been ramping up its hardware production lately. Last year saw the launch of the PlayStation Portal, DualSense Edge, and the updated PlayStation 5 Slim. Already this year, new PS5 Slim color panels were presented, as well as the DualSense version 2 with improved battery life. PlayStation Portal was perhaps the most innovative product launched last year, allowing PS5 users to play on the go. Well, on the go as long as you're connected to your primary console and WiFi, basically in another room.

Check out the PlayStation Portal in action below.

YouTuber DIY Perks came up with the idea of ​​making a PlayStation 5 tablet instead, creating a working prototype and posting a tutorial on YouTube, GamesRadar reported. It was a risky venture. DIY Perks had to reverse engineer the PlayStation 5 console, a fairly expensive piece of hardware, in order to reassemble it into a functional tablet.

Obviously it wasn't as simple as moving a few pieces. DIY Perks had to make some changes as well. The ultimate tablet features an OLED display and 4K visuals. It's definitely a great idea, and it's impressive to see the final product working. Take a look below.

DIY Perks said this idea was made possible thanks to the recent PS5 redesign, where the internal components, including the motherboard, have become much smaller than before. Needless to say, viewers were amazed. “I can't believe how amazing it was. This type of form factor should be seriously considered in the future,” one wrote, while another added: “This is one of my favorite projects I've done on the channel. The remodel is cleverly designed and the end result looks great. “We completely agree.

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