Baldur's Gate 3 players explain why Spirit Coins are 'useless'

Baldur's Gate 3 players explain why Spirit Coins are 'useless'

Estelle Vernet

Baldur's Gate 3 players understand that the item pool should be limited to Faerun, but they remain confused about using Soul Coins against Mind Flayers. Here's what the community is saying.

Baldur's Gate 3 contains many items and special scrolls that can be used to obtain powerful boosts and skills. While many fans decide to put them to good use, some say they don't understand the hype surrounding Spirit Coins. This item was particularly highlighted as being useful to Karlach, one of his most famous companions.

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Soul Coins are offered as rare and mysterious items. They are only found in secret caches or as a reward for some side quests. According to D&D, it is a form of currency in the Nine Hells, which Karlach was able to escape from thanks to the invasion of the Mind Flayers.

Baldur's Gate 3 players quickly discover that Karlach can use Spirit Coins to gain additional damage from her Infernal Engine, though this may eventually wear her down. While the story emphasizes the danger and uniqueness of these items, fans admit to immediately forgetting about them.

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Players find useless Soul Coins in Baldur's Gate 3

Recently, Reddit player sh/ser-Ad7591 I raised the topic in a post. He asked: ” Does anyone use soul coins or am I just lazy? “The players responded quickly.” I didn't use it on my first try because I thought something bad would happen. For example, Karlach's temperature is rising, so what if using too many spirit coins makes it melt or something? Also, using them seems a bit sinister? “, someone commented.

Many players admitted to hoarding Soul Coins, thinking they might come in handy during Chapter 3. Then I'd finish the game with an unused deck full of them, because no matter how hard things got, I always convinced myself that there might be a harder battle just around the corner “.

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Some fans believe that the main problem with Soul Coins is that they are special. In fact, Larian included them in Karlach's scenes. This leads players to believe that they are closely tied to the main story of Baldur's Gate 3.

Players then consider it an “extra item to collect.” Therefore, fans suggested that Soul Coins could have been used specifically during Karlach's missions.

“Imagine if they dissipate the stored energy from its engine. But at the cost of permanently losing the soul in the room. You then have to choose between installing Karlach which would potentially save a lot of people or the other option of finding a way to revive the souls in the rooms.”, one suggested. players.

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With Larian Studios indicating that Baldur's Gate 3 could feature downloadable content, some believe Spirit Coins will be more important.

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