The All Blacks star reaches the top 14, reveals all

The All Blacks star reaches the top 14, reveals all


The All Blacks star reaches the top 14, reveals all

Published December 2, 2023 at 6:35 am

Pau pulled off a major coup, with the Paloise division able to attract All Blacks legend, Sam Whitelock. After a break after the World Cup, the New Zealander has finally arrived in France. The latter has shown all his ambitions, and does not intend to remain in the top 14.

there world Cup Rugby ended a few weeks ago with a final between…South Africa And the New Zealand. thats it springboks who won the competition by winning by one point 12-11. Sam Whitlock Therefore, he did not become the only player in history to win the tournament world Cup. The All Black was named in 2011 and 2015.

Whitlock landed in Pau

After a break of several weeks, Sam Whitlock It landed on the side Paw. The New Zealander signed with Baloise oathAnd he finds his brother there Luke. The second line is true the team For the reasons that prompted him to go south FranceIt is clear that the family aspect was at the center of his choice. “Coming here is an acceptable lifestyle choice as a family. Joining Pau was a very easy decision. I asked my brother if this was a club where I would feel comfortable, and if my family would feel comfortable. But he had been planting the seeds for me to join for a while. I also discussed it with a few blacks who were here like Conrad Smith (2015-2018 as player, 2018-2021 as defense coach), Colin Slade (2015-2020), Jamie McIntosh (2016-2019) who said the same thing as Luke. »

Sam Whitlock always wants to win

Even though he is 35 years old… Sam Whitlock not in Paw In early retirement. The New Zealander is hungry for wins, like the good competitor he is. “My three brothers and I have been competing since we were kids. Competition has driven my whole life, and it’s what got me here.” In 2024, we will celebrate 60 years since the last championship title France Subordinate Baloise oathso the opportunity is great for Whitlock.

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